Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day Two

Creature Feature: Witches

Word Scramble (see if you can figure these witch related words out)

1. lrduanco
2. elsepl
3. gcmai
4. tca klbac
5. kdeiwc

Remember: answers are in the comment section.

The Woodlow Mansion (part 2)
"Of course not," the doctor said as he scratched his head. "It was an accident, but Tyler continues to blame himself. I'm afraid he hasn't shown any signs of improvement since being admitted last year."
"He's eighteen now. I want him." Shannon steeled herself for a fight. "I have the papers, so go get him."
Dr. Mosley held his hands up. "I understand you have papers. But young Mr.Brody is better off with us. He is sick."
"Where is he?"
"I believe he's in the common area. The non-violent patients enjoy a certain amount of freedom here. I will take you to him. Follow me."
The doctor led them deep into the bowels of Greenbrooke Sanitarium. From the outside, the place looked more like a resort than a home for the certifiably insane, bright and cheery with manicured lawns and carefully planted gardens, but the further they went, the more un-resort-like it became.
The sights, smells, and sounds of Greenbrooke engaged the creative side of Shannon's brain. It would be the perfect setting for her next horror novel. An occasional scream triggered her adrenaline. Panic rose to the surface of her crawling skin.
Poor Tyler. How had he survived this place for so long? She slid an arm through Johnny's and held tight as she allowed her imagination to run wild. She wanted to anchor herself to reality even as her mind went on a horrific journey. Part of her wished the walls could talk. They would have terrifying tales to tell. She was sure of it.
The imagery of Tyler being held down by burly orderlies, restrained in a straight-jacket, locked away like an animal, pushed her legs to move faster. Maybe she'd seen too many scary movies, but she wouldn't be able to breathe normally again until she saw Tyler with her own eyes.
She released Johnny's arm and hurried past the doctor as the common area opened wide before them. Her eyes skimmed over the patients until they landed on Tyler. Her breath caught in her throat. It was worse than she'd imagined.
Tyler sat in a corner chair, leaning heavily to he left. He wore a pair of striped pajamas beneath a light blue robe. A line of drool trailed down one side of his chin, and his beautiful blue eyes were unfocused, empty. He didn't notice them arrive. He didn't care.
"You drugged him!" She glared at the doctor before dropping to her knees in front of Tyler. She stroked his hands. Then she lightly touched the side of his face, hoping for a reaction. "Honey, can you hear me? We're getting you out of here."
"I assure you that Mr. Brody has been treated very well."
Nick grabbed the doctor by the arm and dragged him close enough, so he could lean down and whisper in the man's ear. "If I find out you did any permanent damage to my brother, life as you know it will end."
Mosley's eyes widened.
After hearing the hushed threat, Shannon leaped to her feet. The last thing they needed was for the doctor to call the police.  She pulled Nick away from the doctor and jerked her head at Johnny. "Help Tyler to the car. He can't make it by himself, and we need to get him out of here."
Johnny raised an eyebrow, probably wondering when she'd started giving him orders. With a shrug, he grabbed Tyler's arm and pulled him to his feet. This was her show. He'd promised his full cooperation, said he would follow her lead no matter what.
Johnny and Nick trapped Tyler between their bodies, holding him on his unsteady feet. They headed for the hallway, while Shannon lingered behind to have a private conversation with the doctor. She waited until her boys out of earshot.
"Other than being drugged, what's wrong with him?"

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