Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Books Machine

I’d like to let you know about the website The Books Machine, where you will find good books to read, free Kindle books, the best ebook deals, and a distinctive feature: books usually available for a fee, given away directly by their authors. Here is the link; I hope you enjoy:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hang on! Mortals Rule is Coming...

I am working on the final chapters as we speak.

Then what happens?

My faithful beta readers will read it, point out mistakes, give me advice.

Then it will be edited, which is a slow process.  Sorry. :(

Just hang out a little while longer. It will be in your hands soon. I am looking forward to that day as much as the Rule Series fans are.  :)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Top Ten Supernatural Characters

This is my TOP TEN picks for favorite characters from the show Supernatural that were killed off but should return. These are the characters I miss. Supernatural is known for killing off their characters, even the main ones. Sam, Dean, and Castiel regularly return from the dead, but what about these other characters? 

If you haven't watched all the way through to the end of season ten, you may not want to read this list. It contains SPOILERS (if you haven't seen all the episodes yet). You've been warned.

There were more than ten on my list so I had to cut it down. 

These are not in order of how much I like them. I don't have the time to give it THAT much thought. Let's see if you agree with my choices. Have any you want to add???

1. Charlie: This was one of the most shocking deaths because we never saw it coming, and fans feel like it was just thrown in there to give Dean a reason to go over the edge. They need to bring her back. 

2. Jessica: I don't want her character to come back to life or anything, but I would LOVE it if Sam was forced to have an honest conversation with her about how he kept her in the dark about his family and how it led to her death. I would love to see him get some closure on this. Plus, she should be given the chance to vent after he told her he loved her and then lied to her.

3. Bobby: Of course, this one would be awesome. The angels need to send him back so that he can work with the boys again, at least for a while.

4. Kevin: This one made me mad. He was still a kid and wanted to have a normal life. What happened to him was horrible, so I would love it if he got a second chance.

5. Balthazar: He was always fun when he was messing with the Winchesters. I'll never forget when he unsank the Titanic.

6. John Winchester: I don't want him to come back to life, but I would love it if he'd return for a guest appearance, especially if it was on the last episode.

7. Ellen/Jo: Since they died together, I wanted to list them together. A lot of fans complained about them for some reason, but I thought they were awesome, especially Ellen. She and Dean had that special relationship where she could see through his tough act, and she always wanted to mother him.

8. Trickster: His episodes are always so funny. 

9. Meg/Ruby: I am listing them together because I don't care which one returns. I would just love to see one of these women come back to mess with Sam and Dean again.

10. Death: Oh, please, he cannot be gone forever. I loved the way everyone was afraid of him and Dean would try to placate him with junk food. His demise was stupid. I don't think Death would be dumb enough to give Dean the one weapon that can kill him. Dumb, dumb, dumb. When he gave it to Dean, I was like, wait a second! You are going to give a Winchester a weapon? Are you serious? Crowley wouldn't be that stupid.

Anyway, there is my list of the ten (plus) characters I would love to see return for at least one episode.