Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A lot of you have been asking when Hunter (the follow-up to Bait) will be released. It will be out on Halloween (barring incidents beyond my control). Here is the cover:

That is Nick Gallos on the cover!!!

Here is a short excerpt:

Disbelief fueled Nick's anger. He should have known it wasn't going to be that easy. Lifting his hand, he sent a powerful ball of flaming energy at the reaper. The ball struck its chest. An explosion rocked Nick back on his heels and set a stack of books on fire. He lifted his arm to shield his face.

Squinting, he stared at the red and orange flames while waching for movement. Killing a reaper wasn't easy, but hopefully he'd managed to get rid of it for a few minutes, long enough for him to get away.

No such luck.

The thing came roaring out of the fire.

Nick spread his legs wide for balance and prepared for a hit.

The rogue reaper yelled, "Return to the Realm. You are needed there."

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