Sunday, April 19, 2015

CTP Supernatural Sequels Spectacular


Today is a great day for reading and we have the perfect books for you. We have a Clean Teen Publishing and a Crimson Tree Publishing book releasing today. Both are exciting New Adult Paranormal Romance books. Check them out below and make sure to go grab your copy before the price goes up. Happy Reading!
Also, don't forget to join the release day party online! We have tons of great games, prizes, author interaction and more. Plus, it's virtual, so you can attend in your pajamas! If you haven't partied with us in the past, you are missing out on a night of fun. Check out our party Tuesday night on our Facebook Event Page.

AVENGING by Holly Kelly

(Book #3 in the Rising Series. Read book #1— RISING— for FREE!)
Ebook - Avenging


Two thousand years ago, King Triton witnessed the slaughter and total annihilation of his merchildren. He vowed then and there to never again father a child. Powerful and eternally youthful, Triton was no stranger to seduction. But his resolve was unwavering—until he met Nicole. Unable to resist the human woman, he found himself swept up in her arms. When he finally came to his senses, he abandoned her to return to his refuge in the sea.
Twenty years later, he comes face to face with his daughter. Triton is both thrilled and frightened to learn he's a father. Meeting the child he never knew fills a void in his life. But at the same time, he once again finds his heart at risk. Even more terrifying, he's forced to admit he's still in love with Nicole. Gathering his courage, he leaves the sea to seek her out. But the pain he caused is not easily forgotten. And mending broken hearts should be the least of his worries. The elements are in commotion, threatening the utter destruction of mankind. And much to the sea god's surprise, the human woman he loves may be the key to saving them all.


(Book #2 in the Dark of Night Series. Read book #1— CHASING DAYBREAK— for FREE!)
Ebook Chasing Midnight 4


Isabel Stone's life is far from normal. She's a girl with problems—vampire problems to be specific and, now, she also has one ticked-off specter on her hands.
Approached by a childhood friend and medium, Isabel agrees to look into the murder of a local girl, only to wind up inhabited by the solitary witness—a centuries-old ghost who is all too happy to piggyback along in Isabel's body, and she's not leaving until the culprit is behind bars. With the help of her partner, Shane, and her crazy family, Isabel struggles to get to the truth, unmask a killer, and deal with her growing feelings for not one, but two, of the sexy, undead men vying for her heart. Just when things are finally falling into place, a huge revelation takes her out of the frying pan… and straight into the fire.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Trailer

Here is the new and exciting book trailer for Crushed!  (squeal)

Crushed Trailer

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Top Ten YA with Romance

Top Ten YA with Romance (in my opinion).

10.  Twilight: Bella can't stay away from Edward, and the girl can't hardly think of anything but him.  It's obsessive love, but it works.  This book, with all its problems, helped me to fall in love with YA again so it has to be on my list of top ten.

9.  Vampire Academy: Interesting romance along with a deep friendship between a girl and the girl she has to protect, but I thought the second one in the series was better than the first.

8.  Fault in Our Stars: To be honest, I haven't read this one yet, but people keep telling me how amazing it is, so I think it deserves to be somewhere on my list.

7.  Vampire Diaries: While I like the show now better than the books, it all started there, and I remember loving the tension between the two brothers and Elena while reading it.

6.  Divergent: I usually hate these kind of books, but the idea of a girl wanting to join this reckless group of young people even if it meant never seeing her family again drew me in.

5. If I Stay: I admit to liking the movie better than the book.  Sorry.  Usually I don't feel that way, but the actress who played the girl was amazing.  Still, this is one of my faves when it comes to romance in YA.

4. Shiver: I can't remember their names now, but I enjoyed reading this one about a girl who falls in love with a werewolf.  It is very teen love.  After they finally spend the night together, she is amazed that her mother can't tell by just looking at her.  That hit me as very real.

3. Harry Potter: I know these fantasy books that started out for children and wound up being written for an older group doesn't have much in the field of romance, but what I like about it is the jealousy and the confused way that Ron and Hermonie started their relationship.

2. Need:  This is about pixies.  If you haven't read it, you should try it.  The main girl has two boyfriends throughout the series and you have no idea who she'll wind up with.  Worth reading.

1. City of Bones: These are my favorite YA books, the Mortal Instrument Series, and it all starts with this one.  Jace is sarcastic, kind of mean, and witty.  He's a bad boy that you just want to put your arms around.  Clary is the girl who falls for him and grows into a strong person by the end.

Honorable Mentions: I didn't want to be so arrogant as to list mine above, even though I do love the romance in them, so I am putting them down here.

Bait: This one starts off the Order of the Spirit Realm Series and features a forbidden love that grows between Van Helsing's daughter and a rock star slash vampire hunter.  She's driven to be a great hunter so she can seek revenge on the pack that killed her mom, and he is angry because he had to grow up without a family.

Vampires Rule: When Jack loses his fangs and gets a second chance at a normal life, he falls in love with THE werewolf slayer.  At that point, any chance he had at normal is gone.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Seems like every book I pick up says the same basic thing: An ordinary boy/girl finds out they are (blank) and want a normal life but can't have it.

Yes, I know, I have some like this, but after a while it gets boring.  

For once, I would like to pick up a book and read: Extraordinary boy/girl finds out they can (fill in blank with a superhuman power) and they are excited about it.  They run to their new life and embrace it with both arms..

Who's with me on this?

What sort of books are you tired of seeing/reading?

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I am currently working on the last book in the Rule Series, and I was thinking I should ask fans of the series what they would like to see in the final book.

Happy ending or no?
Who would you like to see die?
Who would you like to see live?

This is it, the FINAL book!

Tell me in the comments below or send me a note at

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cover Reveal


The Witch-Games continues with WITCH HUNT by Kasi Blake, the second book in the series. Yes, we know what you are thinking… The first book hasn't even released yet! Well who cares? There's always room for gorgeous cover reveals from Clean Teen Publishing. Check out the new cover for WITCH HUNT by Kasi Blake below. Don't forget, that all of the books in the Witch-Games Series, can be read in any order and they can be read as stand alone novels. Each book has new characters, new plot lines, and new games.


Release Date: October 6, 2015
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
ebook - Witch Hunt
A magical game of hide-and-seek begins. 
Find the missing player and win. 
The game resets. 
They all forget and start the game again.
Seventeen-year-old Starr Hughes hasn't believed in magic since the day her mother died. As an aspiring reporter, the only thing she cares about is cold, hard facts. So when she hears the popular kids at school (the It-Squad) are about to start a secret game, she wants every detail, especially since she has a major crush on gorgeous Dylan Winchester. Hiding under the headmaster's desk, planting bugs, and breaking into a classmate's home are all on her to-do list. With her boy-crazy best friend Lily at her side, Starr discovers that witches are not only real, but they also need her help. Someone is using the game to steal their memories, their powers, and perhaps even their lives.


Release Date: August 4, 2015
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Ebook- Crushed no arc
The Noah girls have beauty, powers, and brains.
They use all three to play their games.
They blow the dust,
the boys are crushed,
and no one is ever the same.
Each year the Noah girls play a secret game— Crushed. The rules are simple.
1. Use wisdom to pick your target. The boy can't be too weak or too strong-willed. 2. Blow the enchanted dust into your target's face to enchant (Crush) him. 3. Give verbal commands and assign them tasks to perform throughout the year. The more tasks completed, the stronger the witch's power grows. 4. At the end of the year, the witch with the most power wins cold, hard cash.
As if being a witch in high school isn't complicated enough, Kristen picks the wrong boy to Crush. Zack is tall, handsome, and a little scary. Her Crush spell isn't working on him like it has with the others. In fact, he is behaving the opposite of every other boy she's Crushed, hating her instead of adoring her. Something is definitely wrong. After someone attempts to kill her, Kristen realizes there is more at risk than a few hundred dollars. She may be betting with her life.