Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Craft Meets Pretty Little Liars


This week, just a stone's throw from Halloween, we are comparing our books to a movie, show, or book. 

In the case of Crushed, this book has already been compared to The Craft and Pretty Little Liars, so that's what I'll stick with.

Back when I first started writing Crushed, I was told that the idea of teen witches experimenting with their powers reminded them of the movie The Craft. However, my book is not a dark piece of horror. It's fun with romance, a little mystery, and lots of action.

Have you seen The Craft? I don't want to post any spoilers. Let's just say it's an interesting piece about teen girls playing around with witchcraft. I loved watching them discover the things they could do. Like my book Crushed, the girls in the movie learn a serious lesson.

Later, after my book was published, I was told that it made some people think of Pretty Little Liars because of the mean girl antics. The Noah sisters use their powers against each other when they get upset. There is a humorous fight between two of the girls that has a locker exploding, syrup squirting into an unsuspecting face, and a sudden change of wardrobe. 

The second book in this series is Witch Hunt. But these novels can be read as stand-alone books because each one has a new set of characters and a different game for the teen witches to play. These games always lead them into danger.

In Witch Hunt, teen reporter Starr Hughes is determined to find out what the popular kids are up to after she overhears talk of a secret game. Because the boy she has a crush on is the leader of the It Squad, she can't help herself. No matter what she has to do, she will uncover the truth. 


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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

National Boyfriend Day: Meet Nick Gallos

Nick Gallos (aka Tyler Beck)

(actor Jared Padalecki: dream cast for Bait)

What makes Nick Gallos the perfect boyfriend?
For starters, he's great to have around when monsters attack. As frontman for the rock band Bad-Rock, he has toured the world 3x and has slayed more vampires than anyone other than Van Helsing himself. No surprise there since Nick was raised by the man. He may not surprise you with roses, but he'll always be there when you need him. 
Nick may not have many friends--mainly because of his arrogance and quick temper--he is loyal to the ones he has and would die for them. 
Big plus, he's a rock star in the flesh. He can afford to give the girl of his dreams diamonds, but cold gems lack a personal touch. So if he cares about you, he'll write you a song and sing it to you with only the piano for accompaniment. 

What makes Nick the not-so-perfect boyfriend?
Putting his girl first means leaving her for her own good. Nick suffers from a hero-complex and is too willing to throw himself on his own sword to save the people he loves. 
His arrogance gets in the way sometimes. Even though his girl can take care of herself, he often wants her to sit on the sidelines where she'll be safe. 
The worst thing about Nick is his inability to talk about his own feelings. Nobody is perfect. 

Read Nick and Bay-Lee's story in Bait, Hunter, Warrior, and Legend (to be released later this year).

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