Monday, October 7, 2013


Which Witch Are you?
1. A new witch tries her new powers out and turns herself into a mouse. You...
a. Use your magic to change her back in a flash. It's easy for you.
b. Pull an all-nighter with friends to research the matter.
c. Ask an experienced witch for help so you don't turn yourself into a mouse.
d. Get a cage and some treats for her. You've always wanted a pet.
e. Call an exterminator.
2. You have a crush on a certain guy. What do you do?
a, Find someone to introduce you. No way are you using magic to get a date.
b. Try a spell to get him to notice you.
c. Use a love potion and MAKE him want you.
d. Make his life miserable for not noticing you. Maybe turn him into a toad.
3.  There is an unexpected test in Chemistry today. Do you...
a.  Take it with a smile on your face, because you read ahead and are ready for anything?
b. Take the test without magic and hope for the best?
c. Make the fire alarm go off?  No test now.
d. Cheat off your friend's test?
e. Use a spell to set the school on fire?
4. There is an opening on the cheerleading squad, and you want it. Your rival is also going for it. What do you do?
a. Let her have it. You'll have more time to study this way.
b. Offer to practice with her and make it a friendly rivalry.
c. Do a spell to make her into a klutz and hope it doesn't backfire.
d. Put a curse on the girl to keep her from showing up.
e. Put a spell on the whole squad so they not only give you the job, but make you into the leader.
5. What is your favorite thing to do with friends?
a. Get together for a book club and talk about your latest find.
b. Watch a movie while stuffing your face with popcorn.
c. Throw a party while your parents are out of town and use magic to make it more fun.
d. Use your magic to play mean tricks on people.
e. You don't like hanging with other people because they never do what you want them to do.
6. Which of these movies would you rather watch?
a. A documentary because learning stuff is fun.
b. A romantic comedy because you love to laugh and you either have a special guy in your life or you're waiting for him.
c. A comedy to get your mind off your problems.
d. Fantasy, especially if witches are involved. You might learn a new trick.
e. A horror movie. You love to see people suffer.
7. When a bully picks on you, you...
a. Cry and hide out in the bathroom. Why are people so mean?
b. Ignore them.
c. Try to use a spell to trip them or make them drop their books, even though it probably won't work.
d. Get in their face and scare them with threats while showing them a flash of fire in your eyes. Then get them after school when no one is around.
e. Make them disappear. Poof! No more bully.
Give yourself 5 points for each A, 3 for each B, 1 for each C, none for D, and minus 5 for each E and F answer.
Hermonie (22-35): You are smart and only use magic when necessary. When you do magic, it always works for you. Reading is both fun and educational. Be careful not to be too much of a know-it-all or you might lose all your friends.
Bonnie (8-21): Friends can count on you. If there's trouble, you will stay up all night to research and even put your own life at risk. The problem is you don't know when to stop. The power has a tendency to get away from you. Listen to those around you, people wiser than yourself, and take advantage of their experience.
Sabrina (1-7): Things don't always work out for you. You might even be a bit of a klutz when it comes to magic. Fun is the biggest part of your nature, and that will cause trouble for you. Life isn't all about games. Try to be serious once in a while.
Willow (0 to minus 29): You have a dual personality. Part of you is good, loyal, and fun. The other part of you is twisted and dark. You have a tendency to use magic for everything. Lean on your friends. Trust them, and let them help you to be a better person.
Wicked Witch from Oz (minus 30): You need serious therapy. Lol. Be careful or a house might fall on you.

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