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First of all, here is a list of the best vampire books.
Mine isn't on it. Go figure.

Want to play some games?

Word Scramble
1. gnsaf
2. epmavri
3. ddneau
4. nfofci
5. rlgaci
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Match Heroes to the Book/Show
1. Buffy                                A. Dimitri
2. Vampire Diaries               B. Edward
3. Twilight                            C. Angel
4. Vampires Rule                  D. Stefan
5. Vampire Academy            E. Jack
The Woodlow Mansion
Tyler's eyes went blank again. She called his name, shook him, but he didn't respond. He remained frozen, and after a while she wondered if she'd imagined the whole thing. She moved to the other side of the room, putting as much distance between them as she could without leaving.
Maybe the doctor was right, and Tyler had lost his mind.
The sound of a car door closing brought her head up with a sharp snap. She mentally prepared a speech for her husband, knowing Johnny was going to be livid. She'd have to talk fast. Once Johnny made up his mind, it was impossible to change it.
Shannon hurried outside to greet her family, smile firmly in place.
Johnny scowled at her, gestured angrily to the house, but he wouldn't say a word as long as the kids could hear him. That made her job easier. She rushed around him to get to her son, hoping the sight of the house wouldn't scare him.
"This is way cool, Mom," Bobby said. "Are we going to live here?"
"It's temporary, sweetie." She kissed him on the forehead. Then she looked past him to his sister. Whitney already had her arms crossed over her chest and a sour look on her face. Shannon repeated, "It's temporary."
Whitney rolled her eyes. "I am not spending a single night here. I'll sleep in the car. There are probably spiders in that house, deadly spiders."
"Cool," Bobby said.
"Shut up, booger-breath. No one asked you."
"Knock it off," Johnny said while rubbing the back of his neck. "Your mom and I need to talk. I want the two of you to go inside, but stay by the door. Don't you dare wander off, and don't touch anything."
Shannon forced a bright smile. "Tyler is inside, but he's sick, so don't bother him."
Bobby hurried into the house, while his sister took each step with care as if she was in her nineties and afraid of falling. Before he disappeared inside the house, Bobby muttered something about missing the coolest opportunity in the world if he wasn't allowed to explore. Whitney continued to complain in a loud voice about the spiders.
Johnny held a hand up before Shannon could say a word. He gave her a look he usually reserved for rival gangsters. "We are not staying here."
"Too late."  She shrugged. "Already paid for. We own it, at least for the moment."
"If I want my money back, believe me, I can get it."
Her hands went to her hips. "Don't you think your none-too-subtle way of dealing with people has gotten us into enough trouble? In case you've forgotten, I am being forced to walk away from everything. I'm going to leave the country with you. I wil stand by you, support you with every word and every action, but I will not walk away from this house until it's time for us to go."
He frowned. "Why is this house so important to you? It's just a crappy building."
"No. It's my career. I've worked things out with my agent so I can continue to write while we're living abroad, but I need something to write about. The walls in this house have stories to tell." She threw her hands up. "If you want to leave, you can take the kids and go to a motel. I'm staying here. Before this night is over, I'm going to have my next book. I'm sure of it."
Johnny stared at her in silence.
She could tell she was winning, so she added, "Give me this. I don't need diamonds or jet planes or a private island. Just give me this."
He sighed and rubbed his jaw. She had him on the ropes, and they both knew it. So, she went in for the kill. Placing lips on is cheek, she snuggled close to his side.  "If I can do this, I'll have my book, and I'll be able to leave this country with a smile on my face. No resentment. I promise."
A low grow erupted from his throat. "You know I can't refuse you after everything you've give up for me."
"Mom!" Bobby raced out the front door. "Tyler is throwing up. He ran into the bathroom and locked the door."

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1. fangs
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