Friday, October 11, 2013


The Rule Series is becoming more popular, so I will be adding to it soon. Readers are awaiting book #4 and book #5 (Wizards Rule and Mortals Rule). People have been asking for a happy ending. How do you feel about that? When it comes to the supernatural, do you prefer a happy ending, a sad ending, or an open ending where you have to decide what happens to your favorite characters?

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The Woodlow Mansion
They ran into the house and through the living room to a closed door. Hope blossomed in Shannon's heart. Tyler had moved on his own. He was going to be okay.
Whitney pointed at the door. "He's in there."
Johnny pulled what appeared to be a silver cigarette case from his breast pocket. Shannon knew better. It was his tool kit. Choosing one carefully, he winked at Shannon before inserting it into the lock. A few seconds passed. They heard an audible click.
Shannon smiled. Being married to a 'businessman' had its perks. "I'll take it from here. Can you keep the kids busy until Nick gets back with the food?"
"Sure." Johnny placed a quick kiss on her jaw. "If you need me, yell."
She stepped into the bathroom and found Tyler leaning over the toilet. The floor was filthy, but she knelt next to him anyway. She smoothed hair back from his face as he continued to dry heave.
"Feeling better?" she asked once he finished. "You look green as spinach. Poor baby. How many different drugs did they have you on?"
"I could open my own pharmacy. He scooted back from the toilet and leaned against the wall. His blue eyes swam around the room. "Where are we?"
"Don't you remember leaving the hospital? Car ride? Anything?"
"Reality is a bit of a blur right now." He tried to grin, but it didn't look right on his pale face. "In the hospital, I had what the doctors called lucid moments, but mostly I was in a walking nightmare. I saw strange things. Talking turtles, fish swimming in my window, and a bald man with sharp teeth." His brows drew together. "Wait a second. Was Nick here?"
She nodded. "He went to town for food."
Tyler groaned. "No way am I eating anything."
"Rest then. Tomorrow you'll be your old self again. I'll help you find a bedroom."
"Will you tuck me in too?" he asked in that sarcastic-Tyler fashion she'd come to kow and love.
"Cheeky brat."
"Give me a second." Tyler grabbed the edge of the sink and pulled himself to his feet. She tried to help, but he ignored her reaching hand. He turned on the tap. A trickle of dirty water turned into a stream. He closed his eyes and splashed his face a few times.
Shannon stepped over the threshold.
"They're waiting for you."
She froze. "What did you say?"
He frowned. "I didn't say anything."
She stared at him as he passed her on his way to the living room. Was she imagining things? Or was this house actually haunted?

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