Saturday, October 12, 2013


QUIZ: Bite Me!!!
Take this quiz to find out just how bite-able you are. If a vampire was to turn you, who would it be?
1. What do you like most about vampires?
a. They are immortal.
b. They stay beautiful forever.
c. They have cool fangs.
d. They can kill.
2. If a cute boy you just met in a club told you he was a vampire, what would your first reaction be?
a. Where can I get my hands on a stake?
b. He must be joking.
c. You are afraid for your life.
d. Cool! You want to be one too.
3. If you were a vampire, what would you do on your first day with fangs?
a. Come up with a plan. How are you going to spend the next one hundred years?
b. Stay in bed and hope it is just a bad dream.
c. Try out your cool new powers.
d. Look for everyone who has hurt you and make them pay.
4. Which female vampire from the Vampire Diaries do you relate to the best?
a. Caroline
b. Elena
c. Lexie
d. Katherine
5. If you were a vampire and a hunter tried to kill you, you would...
a. Run away
b. Beg him not to hurt you, and kick his butt if he tries to do it anyway. Knock him out, but don't kill him.
c. Kill him if you have to.
d. Kill him for fun.
If your answers were more A's than anything, you would be bitten by....
 Edward from Twilight
Edward is the vampire who would most likely go for you. This guy feasts on bears and rabbits and wouldn't dream of hurting a human being. He will watch over you while you sleep and save you from accidents during the day.
If you chose more B's than anything, you would be bitten by....
Stefan from Vampire Diaries
Stefan is your typical brooding vampire, but he will take care of you, save you from anything you need saving from, as long as he isn't the Ripper at the time. Yes, Stefan has a crazy bad side. Just don't get on it, and you'll be fine.
If you chose more C's than anything, you would be bitten by...
Spike from Buffy
Spike started out as a truly evil guy who would kill you just as soon as look at you, but love has softened him a bit. You gotta love that leather coat he wears. He's a bit moody and jealous, and he's been known to beat the crap out of people he 'used' to love.
If you picked mostly D's, you would be bitten by....
Damon from Vampire Diaries
Damon thinks it's funny to kill people. He has even been known to snap the neck of a good friend when he gets moody. So watch out. He knows your weaknesses, and he'll be a great boyfriend, until you upset him. 



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