Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This year I am going to share my top 30 favorite TV shows with you. Now, I will probably mess up and forget a few. But I think most of these are correct. 
1. Supernatural: This has got to be my all-time favorite. Why? Too many reasons to count. Dean and Sam are funny, sarcastic, heroic, strong, and compassionate. The show has drama, humor, family, and some scary stuff. It has also produced some of my all-time favorite quotes. I wish I could mention them all, but I have other things to do with my life. LOL. But here is a sample.
     Dean: I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
     Sam: That's hellfire, Dean.

2. Vampire Diaries: The books are good; the show is better. That's not something I usually say when it comes to visual media taken from novels. This show has been full of surprises for 8 seasons. The witty dialogue (mainly coming from Damon) and the romances not to mention the cool magic kept me interested throughout. It will be sad to see the show go off the air.

3. Grimm: I know you're starting to see a pattern here. Yes, I like paranormal. That's why I write it. So, Grimm is not as good as the two shows above in my opinion, but I still enjoyed it. I loved it when a monster would recognize Nick as a Grimm and freak out.

4. Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place: Now, time for a comedy. This show starred Ryan Reynolds back when he was a fresh-faced actor with a killer grin. Unfortunately, it only lasted four seasons and didn't get the credit it deserved for being sharp and funny. You can't even find it on DVD, which is a shame. I would definitely buy all the seasons if I could.

5. Frasier: Also another great comedy. I wasn't a huge fan of Cheers, but when one of the actors got his own show, I tuned in every week. It was great to see a comedy with intelligence. Some of the lines flew over my head, but I didn't care because they were delivered by great actors. And the romance between Niles and Daphne was a pleasure to watch.

6. The Office: I have all of the seasons on DVD and watch them at least once a year. Jim, Pam, and Dwight make the show for me. I kind of hated Michael, but I love the actor that plays him. Jim's pranks are awesome to watch. If you haven't tried this show, you really should. They are good at making you care about characters that you otherwise hate, and they blend humor with drama at times very well.

7. Smallville: I was reluctant to watch this at first because I hate Superman. Yes, I know it's un-American, but that's how I feel. I never liked the movies or other shows done on the character. But I fell in love with this one. It was nice to see a kind of geeky farm boy with a secret and powerful identity. I enjoyed his pursuit of Lana Lang, even though we all know ahead of time that it won't work out. His parents were great, always there to listen and lend a helping hand, and Lex Luthor was a dream villain. He had some of the best lines, lines I wish I'd written.

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: This is another show I avoided for a long time, mainly because I saw the movie by the same name. Then one night I was awake after midnight, and Buffy was on. She got electrocuted and said, "Does my hair look all right?" I was hooked. The bittersweet relationship between her and Angel (a vampire) is awesome, and Joss Whedon is a master when it comes to mixing humor with drama. 

9. Big Bang Theory: Sheldon is the most annoying person in the world, but he's great to watch. If I knew someone like this in real life, I would be having homicidal fantasies non-stop. The guy is crazy with his long-winded contracts for everything, know-it-all attitude, and Star Trek obsession. Fun to watch.

10. Friends: I can't leave this show off my list. These six friends are funny and quirky, and I enjoy watching them interact. I think it lasted eleven seasons. Not surprising. It will make you wish you had friends like these.

11. Fringe: This show only lasted five seasons, and I absolutely hated the last one, but it's worth watching. Very unusual show. 

12. How I Met Your Mother: Speaking of sucky last seasons, this show is definitely at the top. They ruined it for me by killing off someone that I looked forward to meeting and really liked. As far as I'm concerned, they ruined the whole show. I would have been happy to own this one on DVD if they hadn't screwed up the ending so badly. This is the show that gives you memorably lines like "Legend-wait for it-dary" and "Have you met Ted?"

13. ER: George Clooney starred in this one, and that's why I first started watching it. I stuck around because it was an awesome show. I'll never forget the poor doctor that got his arm cut off by a helicopter and then died later when another helicopter fell right on top of him. 

14. Everybody Loves Raymond: This is a fun comedy with a loud, kind of crazy family. The mother-in-law reminds me so much of my grandmother. 

15. Lost: Can't leave this one off the list. I was a bit disappointed with the ending, but I absolutely loved this show that started with Jack waking up after an airplane crash.

16. The Walking Dead: I never thought of zombies as scary until watching this show. They're too slow. If you can outrun your friends, you can live another day. But there are sometimes thousands of them, and they can surround you, especially if you are driving and wind up in the middle of them. This show is so awesome. Can't wait to see what happens next.

17. X-Files: Another ground-breaking show. I loved Mulder's dark humor and how he 'wanted' to believe. Fact is, I don't think he actually did believe in aliens, at least not completely. He wanted to believe. Scully wasn't the only skeptical one on this show. Mulder just had a bit more of an open mind to the fantastical. Personally, I think when these two started to get romantically involved with each other, it ruined the show. They were friends, best friends. A romance should never have been tried with them. It just didn't work.

18. Seinfeld: This little show about nothing had everyone talking. I have my favorites, of course, like the Soup Nazi. The cast was fun to watch. Never a dull moment.

19. Happy Days: This one is on my list because it was a big part of my childhood. I wanted a family like the one Richie had, and I wanted to be cool like Fonzie. The mom was actually my favorite.

20. LA Law: This show started with a dead partner. I remember that. But the thing I will never forget is the relationship between their top lawyer, Michael, and the DA (or was she the assistant DA). Neither of them seemed like they had much of a sense of humor, but whenever they rode in an elevator together they said crazy things that freaked out the other passengers like when he was in jail for contempt. He had just gotten out and he asked her, "Gracie, were you faithful to me while I was behind bars?" She said something like, "I'm sorry, Mickie. It was three whole days." So funny.

21. Miami Vice: Who could ever forget Sonny Crocket in his loafers and Italian suits? Don Johnson was hotter than the Florida sunshine. He was a vice cop, lived on a boat with a pet alligator, and played the part of a drug dealer very well. Good show.

22. Mystery Science Theater 3000: This was the perfect show for me because I was the one who made wise cracks through bad movies. In fact, I had a friend who used to drag me to horrible films on purpose because she found my comments so entertaining. These guys do it better than I ever did though.

23. Big Valley: This old western has to be on my list because my grandmother and I used to watch it together every weekend. It was our thing. She laughed every time Nick started shouting cause he was such a hothead. 

24. Mike & Molly: This is only on my list because they had her become a writer. The whole thing was ridiculous, of course. No new writer gets that much money in advance for their first book. So that part made me cringe, but I loved how she got writer's block. Whenever she would call her story crap and try to burn it or throw it away, that made me laugh because it is so true to life.

25. Battlestar Galactica: I love it how they took the part of Starbuck--an alcohol-swilling, gambling, womanizer--and changed the part from a guy to a girl in the remake. I always liked Starbuck. The guy was just trying to find some fun in a dangerous world.

26. American Gothic: I'm talking about the show with Gary Cole as the sheriff that has dark power and makes bad things happen to the people he doesn't like. It's never fully explained if he's supposed to be a demon, some sort of warlock, or the devil himself. I enjoyed watching him. Too bad the show didn't last long.

27. Star Trek: This has got to be on the list because it was a show ahead of it's time. They predicted cell phones, microwaves, etc. I enjoyed the original show and the recent movies.

28. Castle: Another show about a writer. Castle goes to work with the NYPD so he can follow a certain detective and create a character based on her. A lot of people didn't like the way the show ended, but it was definitely a great ride. Nathan Fillion is one of my favorite actors. The show handled the romance between him and Beckett in the best way I think a romance between co-workers on a show has ever been handled. I was afraid the romance would ruin things like it did on X-files and a multitude of other shows, but it didn't. I found myself enjoying and even rooting for their romance.

29. Third Rock from the Sun: This one is about aliens coming to Earth and trying to fit in. My favorite episode is when they think the world is ending and start freaking out just cause it's snowing. Watch out for those Albino Brain Chiggers. LOL. Oh yes, and I also loved it when William Shatner appeared as their fearless leader.

30. Saturday Night Live: I don't watch this anymore, but it was a big part of my teens and early 20's. I remember my friends and I staying up late to watch it without our parents knowing. Then we'd talk about it the next day and laugh about the bad language and funny situations.

Well, there is my top Thanksgiving 30 on shows. Maybe next year I will do a top 30 list of movies.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Craft Meets Pretty Little Liars


This week, just a stone's throw from Halloween, we are comparing our books to a movie, show, or book. 

In the case of Crushed, this book has already been compared to The Craft and Pretty Little Liars, so that's what I'll stick with.

Back when I first started writing Crushed, I was told that the idea of teen witches experimenting with their powers reminded them of the movie The Craft. However, my book is not a dark piece of horror. It's fun with romance, a little mystery, and lots of action.

Have you seen The Craft? I don't want to post any spoilers. Let's just say it's an interesting piece about teen girls playing around with witchcraft. I loved watching them discover the things they could do. Like my book Crushed, the girls in the movie learn a serious lesson.

Later, after my book was published, I was told that it made some people think of Pretty Little Liars because of the mean girl antics. The Noah sisters use their powers against each other when they get upset. There is a humorous fight between two of the girls that has a locker exploding, syrup squirting into an unsuspecting face, and a sudden change of wardrobe. 

The second book in this series is Witch Hunt. But these novels can be read as stand-alone books because each one has a new set of characters and a different game for the teen witches to play. These games always lead them into danger.

In Witch Hunt, teen reporter Starr Hughes is determined to find out what the popular kids are up to after she overhears talk of a secret game. Because the boy she has a crush on is the leader of the It Squad, she can't help herself. No matter what she has to do, she will uncover the truth. 


Check out these witchy-good reads for Halloween.

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Witch Hunt can be found here at Amazon, here at B&N, here at Smashwords, and here at iTunes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

National Boyfriend Day: Meet Nick Gallos

Nick Gallos (aka Tyler Beck)

(actor Jared Padalecki: dream cast for Bait)

What makes Nick Gallos the perfect boyfriend?
For starters, he's great to have around when monsters attack. As frontman for the rock band Bad-Rock, he has toured the world 3x and has slayed more vampires than anyone other than Van Helsing himself. No surprise there since Nick was raised by the man. He may not surprise you with roses, but he'll always be there when you need him. 
Nick may not have many friends--mainly because of his arrogance and quick temper--he is loyal to the ones he has and would die for them. 
Big plus, he's a rock star in the flesh. He can afford to give the girl of his dreams diamonds, but cold gems lack a personal touch. So if he cares about you, he'll write you a song and sing it to you with only the piano for accompaniment. 

What makes Nick the not-so-perfect boyfriend?
Putting his girl first means leaving her for her own good. Nick suffers from a hero-complex and is too willing to throw himself on his own sword to save the people he loves. 
His arrogance gets in the way sometimes. Even though his girl can take care of herself, he often wants her to sit on the sidelines where she'll be safe. 
The worst thing about Nick is his inability to talk about his own feelings. Nobody is perfect. 

Read Nick and Bay-Lee's story in Bait, Hunter, Warrior, and Legend (to be released later this year).

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

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For centuries, countless adventurers have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Those who found it thought they would gain eternal life. Instead, they find themselves murdered by its guardians. There was, however, one, lone survivor—Fae Miller. As an infant, she not only survived the Fountain, she took its power.

Twenty-two years later, Fae is hiding in plain sight at a local college. She’s is determined to leave the past behind her and live a normal life. But for one dying man, the search for the Fountain of Youth continues, and he is leaving a trail of blood and mutilated bodies in his wake. Unfortunately, that trail leads directly to Fae. Her only hope is a young, new college professor, also known as Special Agent Nick Chase of the FBI. Nick is determined to do two things: keep Fae alive, and keep his relationship with his student professional. Both of these jobs prove difficult—especially when love and magic get involved.


They ate their dinner in silence. Fae realized in those quiet moments that she had a major problem.
She’d not only kissed her professor, she desperately wanted to kiss him again. No. Desperate was not a strong enough word. It took supreme effort not to jump out of her seat and throw her arms around him.
“Um,” she said and cleared her throat, “that probably shouldn’t happen again.”
Nick didn’t answer. A scowl settled on his face.
“I mean,” Fae continued, “This could complicate things. I don’t want you to feel you need to give me a good grade, just because you might…”
“Might what?” he asked when she didn’t’ continue.
“I don’t want to put words in your mouth,” she said.
“Right,” he said. He seemed want to say something, but paused to consider his words. “How about I tell you how I feel? That way you won’t be putting words into my mouth.”
He looked her directly in the eyes. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. So it goes without saying that I’m attracted to you. And I’ve had enough experience with women to know you’ve had little experience with men. Rules aside, I’d still move slowly with you.”
Fae swallowed and gave a shaky nod.
“But the truth is I am your professor. So this relationship cannot move further than what it is now. That is until the end of the term. And no, I won’t be giving you any grade you don’t deserve.”
“But, once the term ends,” he continued, “all bets are off. I intend to pursue a relationship with you. I expect keeping my hands off you will be difficult in the meantime. I think we are both reasonable adults and have enough self-control to keep things at a professional level. Right?”
Fae nodded, feeling a bit relieved. “I do have one question,” she said.
“You said our relationship couldn’t go farther than it is.”
“Right,” he said.
“And we’ve already kissed.”
A frown settled on his face. It looked like he could guess what she was about to say. Warmth flooded her cheeks. She asked in a small voice, “So, can I kiss you again?”
He closed his eyes and shook his head as he groaned and gave a weak chuckle. “You’re going to make things difficult, aren’t you?” When he opened his eyes, he stood up, pulled her out of her seat, and wrapped his arms around her. Her eyes widened and heart pounded as her body melded against his. He looked down and gave her a smoldering look as the scent of his cologne teased her senses and made her mouth water.
 “I can’t think of any alternate reality where I would ever say no when you ask me that question.” With that said, he leaned forward and kissed her so thoroughly, she could scarcely remember her own name.

About the Author:

Holly Kelly is a mom who writes books in her spare time: translation--she hides in the bathroom with her laptop and locks the door while the kids destroy the house and smear peanut butter on the walls. She was born in Utah but moved around a bit, living in Kansas, Texas, and Hawaii where she studied marine biology. She's now back in Utah--"happy valley". She's married to a wonderful husband, James, and they are currently raising 6 rambunctious children. Her interests are reading, writing (or course), martial arts, visual arts, creating Halloween props, and spending time with family. 

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