Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day Seven: WITCHES

WITCH HUNT is my other Witch-Games novel.
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This is our last day talking about witches. Tomorrow we will be on to Vampires. Can't wait.

Let's talk about the differences in wiches.

1. Cauldrons: Some witches use exotic ingrediants and brew it up in bubbling cauldrons. You don't see much of these anymore, but they are fun.

2. Broomsticks: I just watched Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters, and those witches rode broomsticks. They were ugly too, unless they were trying to fool someone by being pretty for a minute. I was also reminded that they ride broomsticks in the Harry Potter movie, so this aspect is still alive and well in literature and in movies.

3. Incantations: A lot of witches simply say words. I think it's better when they don't have to go through a long chant in order to achieve their goals.

4. Nose Twitching: Remember Samantha from Bewitched? LOL. She is the only witch I've heard of who twitches her nose to cast a spell. Good thinking on the writer's part.

I am having Internet issues, so I will NOT be posting The Woodlow Mansion today, but I will try to put up double the pages tomorrow.


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