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Today, it is the first day of seven focusing on our fanged friends, and I wanted to start off with a SUPER deal!!!!

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Favorite Vampires:
On TV:
1. Damon
2. Spike
3. Angel
In Books:
1. Damon
2. Edward
3. Jack (Vampires Rule)
The Woodlow Mansion
Shannon took advantage of the rare moment and circled the car to help Tyler get out. He didn't seem any more aware of his surroundings than when they'd picked him up. He wobbled on unsteady legs. She grabbed him and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
It was difficult to get Tyler up the front steps. He staggered around like a drunken sailor. She dug deep into her pocket for the key, but Tyler kept slipping. She was forced to abandon her search for the key again and again to steady him.
Nick finally decided to help. He joined them on the porch and wrapped an arm around his brother's waist. He kept Tyler on his feet while she opened the door. They cross the threshold together into a huge foyer with a marble floor and a winding staircase. By the looks of it, no one had bothered to clean for years. Dust, cobwebs, and general filth covered everything.
Nick repeated, "Johnny will never agree to stay here."
She glared at him before stepping into another room that opened into the foyer, no doors. Several pieces of furniture were scattered in what appeared to be a random pattern, covered in dustcloths.  She uncovered an enormous old-fashioned sofa.  "You can put him here."
Dust polluted the air as she folded the cover and tossed it into an empty corner. Coughing, she waved a hand in front of her face and wrinkled her nose. The gesture seemed to make it worse. She went to a window and puhed at the locking mechanism. It was rusted shut.
Nick sat next to his brother on the sofa and stared at him. "Tyler? You hungry? I can run into town and get you something. Do you want to eat?"
No response.
Nick looked at Shannon. "Did that idiot doctor tell you how long my brother is going to be a zombie?  Is he ever going to come around?"
"It's the drugs."
"Are you sure?" Nick crossed the room to stand next to her. His voice lowered to one notch above a whisper.  "What if this isn't about drugs? What if his mind has completely snapped? He could be dangerous."
The doctor's warning replayed in her head. She was glad Nick hadn't heard the man's dire prediction. He would cart his brother back to the hospital and let them drug him.
She shook her head, jaw tight. Crossing the room, she went to stand behind Tyler. She rubbed his shoulders and spoke directly to him.  "You are going to be fine after those drugs are out of your system. Don't you worry. I want you to relax." She shot Nick a warning look, silently telling him not to argue. "Nick is going to go to town for food while you and I settle in here. How does that sound?"
Tyler didn't respond.
She hadn't expected him to.
"I don't think I should leave the two of you here alone," Nick said, but she was already pushing him to the front door.
"Johnny will be here any second with the kids," she said. "You know Bobby is a bottomless pit, and Whitney will be whining from now until she's an adult living on her own. Don't give her another reason to complain. Go. Get food."
She smiled, showing off her expensively straight teeth, thanks to years in braces. Nick's shoulders sagged. She'd won the argumet, and they both knew it. She pushed him out the door and closed it.
Clapping her hands together twice, she said, "Okay then. What should we do first, Tyler? I'd love to explore this old house. What about you?"
He turned his head and looked straight at her, eyes filled with pure hatred.
A shiver shot through her body, and she blamed it on the cold house.

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