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I got this idea after looking at another author's swag.  This is an awesome idea.  Character trading cards.  These are just the digital copies.  I have physical ones on the way to my home as we speak.  How do you get your hands on them?  Well, you would have to show up at one of my book signings or win a giveaway that I participate in.  I may also occasionally give away a pair to people who buy autographed copies of my books when I offer them.  Once in a while I have a few leftover copies after a signing and I offer to sell them to the first people who contact me.  If you want to be a part of this, follow me on FB, join my emailing list (by contacting me and giving me your email), follow me at @kasiblake on Twitter, or check in to my author page once in a while.  You can go to and click on the FB button at the top of the page.  That's the easiest way to do it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Get Crushed


Check out the cover for Crushed by Kasi Blake. Crushed is the first exciting release in a new young adult series called The Witch Game Novels. The Witch Game Novels are filled with mischief, romance, witchy games and trouble. Kasi Blake does an excellent job of capturing high school life and giving it a fun twist as told through the eyes of a teen witch. Enjoy this cover reveal and an exclusive excerpt. Plus, don't forget to enter the Twitter Giveaway!


Tell us what you think of the cover or excerpt on Twitter by using #GetCrushedbyKasiBlake and @CleanTeenPub. One lucky winner who tweets using this hashtag will receive a bookmark prize pack from Clean Teen Publishing. A random winner will be chosen on February 5, 2015!


Release Date: August 4, 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Series: The Witch Game Novels
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing

The Noah girls have beauty, powers, and brains.
They use all three to play their games.
They blow the dust,
the boys are crushed,
and no one is ever the same.

Each year the Noah girls play a secret game— Crushed. The rules are simple.

1. Use wisdom to pick your target. The boy can't be too weak or too strong-willed. 
2. Blow the enchanted dust into your target's face to enchant (Crush) him. 
3. Give verbal commands and assign them tasks to perform throughout the year. The more tasks completed, the stronger the witch's power grows. 
4. At the end of the year, the witch with the most power wins cold, hard cash. 

As if being a witch in high school isn't complicated enough, Kristen picks the wrong boy to Crush. Zack is tall, handsome, and a little scary. Her Crush spell isn't working on him like it has with the others. In fact, he is behaving the opposite of every other boy she's Crushed, hating her instead of adoring her. Something is definitely wrong. After someone attempts to kill her, Kristen realizes there is more at risk than a few hundred dollars. She may be betting with her life.


She wanted his jacket? 

Zach blinked at her, completely thrown by her softly spoken command. The little witch had obviously lost her mind. He didn’t like for anyone to touch his jacket, let alone wear it. It had been the last gift his mother had given him before she died. Kristen Noah could pry it out of his cold, lifeless fingers if she wanted it. He certainly wasn’t handing it over to her like an idiot. 

He’d planned to play along with her silly game, but now he didn’t think he could. He wasn’t going to pretend to date her. She was taking things a little too far. If she continued to push, he was going to push back. 

Gina spoke in a loud, cutting voice. “You are not dating Bevian, you total loser. What a joke! He wouldn’t touch something like you with gloves on.” 

“He is my boyfriend!” She looked directly at Zach, locked eyes with him, and repeated the command. She seemed to be trying her best to keep it from sounding like an order, but that’s exactly what it was, and they both knew it. “We can let everyone know we’re together now, be a real couple just like we talked about. Give me your jacket.” 

There was a quiet desperation in her wide eyes along with a heavy fear that made him think of Morgan. That was the only thing about this girl that reminded him of his sister. For the first time he noticed Kristen Noah—really noticed her. She wasn’t his type, not really, but there was something extraordinary about her. 

Her golden hair fell over her shoulders in soft waves and it shimmered in the sun, producing a halo effect around her head. She had wide, generous lips that seemed to curve at the ends in a secretive smile even when she wasn’t happy, and her eyes seemed to change color with her moods. At the moment, they were a stormy grey, dark like a thundercloud. 

Then there was her body. 

Her sisters were too skinny for his taste, but Kristen had nice curves exactly where they should be. He wondered what it would feel like to hold her close and kiss her. She had a reputation for being tough as leather when it came to the opposite sex. The girl could take care of herself. Would she want to dominate the kiss or would she melt like ice cream on a hot day? 

What was he thinking? 

Kristen Noah was the most selfish, heartless witch he’d ever stumbled over. There was no way he was attracted to her. She played games with people’s emotions. He was a firm believer in ‘what goes around, comes around.’ The universe should be ready to take her down a notch… and if not, then he would be glad to help the universe out. 

Everyone stared at him, obviously waiting for him to confirm or deny. 

All eyes were on him, forcing him to make a quick decision. 

Zach shrugged out of the jacket. He would play along… for now. He walked around Kristen Noah and placed the jacket on her shoulders. Then he continued around until he was standing in front of her. Taking both sides of the jacket in his hands, he pulled them together. 

She stared at him with wide, unblinking eyes. The distrust in them was like a neon sign. She had expected him to blow her dreams apart. In fact, she still seemed to be waiting for him to pull the proverbial rug out from under her. 

She’s waiting for me to smack her down, he thought with a tinge of satisfaction. He wished he could do it, flatten her on the spot, but Morgan’s face floated through his mind. He had to protect his sister no matter what it cost him. 

“It looks good on you.” He almost choked on the words. 

Relief stole over her features. “Thank you.” 

“No way,” Gina said, shaking her head. “I don’t believe it. This is a set-up. No way have you been dating him without everyone in the school knowing about it.” 

Kristen shrugged as she snuggled close to him, arm around his waist. She relaxed against his side and played her part to the hilt. A smug smile parted her lips. “I guess we’re better at hiding our feelings than most.” 

Left without a choice, Zach draped an arm around her shoulders as if he’d done it a million times. He hated giving into her. The arm around her showed they were together, but his hand dangled on the other side rather than touch her. It was a small display of rebellion, one he was sure no one would notice. 

The crowd had grown to about a quarter of the school. Several students began to text the juicy news to their friends. Others blatantly started calling people. A few used their camera phones to take pictures of Kristen in Zach’s arms. She smiled for the photos. 

Zach didn’t smile. His jaw tightened instead. There were grenades exploding inside of his stomach. If he didn’t squelch his temper fast, a massive quake would turn the parking lot into a giant sinkhole. He took a few deep, slow breaths. His hands itched to rip the little witch’s head off. She was going to be very sorry she’d picked him to mess with. 

Gina’s eyes reluctantly shifted to Zach. He recognized the fear and awe in her gaze. It was the look he’d worked hard to receive from his fellow Titan Warriors. She swallowed, obviously uncomfortable in confronting him, but her notorious hatred for Kristen pushed her to the extreme. Last year he’d watched this girl make problems for the little witch, and he had secretly cheered her on. They were on the same side, but he couldn’t let that show. 

“When did this happen?” Gina asked. She stared straight into his eyes, demanding answers. “Why do you glare at her all the time if you’re dating? It doesn’t make any sense. Why would you date her when you only date older women? What is so special about her?” 

Kristen Noah is a witch! The words waited at the back of his throat. He wanted to shout them at the top of his lungs. Hands clenched, he took another deep breath. It would be so easy to let go and yell the accusation, but then someone would alert the council. Witches weren’t accused that often these days. They’d become geniuses at hiding in plain sight. So when it happened, the council demanded every last detail. If he accused her of being a witch, the council would discover his secret, and Morgan would die. 

Even if it cost him his sanity, he had to keep his mouth shut. 

He hit Gina with a hard glare, turning his fury on her since he couldn’t blast Kristen with it. The dark-haired girl folded in an instant. He imagined she was remembering the stories about him blowing up houses and killing people. Her survival instinct won out over her hatred for Kristen. 

She stormed off without another word. 

Zach’s murderous stare went to the spectators. Laughter died. Smiles faded. The kids scattered like cockroaches at night when the light is turned on. Unfortunately that left him alone with Kristen, his arm still around her shoulders. What now? What was he supposed to do in order to keep up the charade? How would an ‘enchanted’ boy act under these circumstances? 

Kristen sighed, a wistful sound. She rested her head against his shoulder for a moment. The small token of intimacy pushed him over the edge. He couldn’t do it. There was no way in hell that he was going to be nice to this little witch. 

He stepped aside, and she lost her balance. She almost fell. Almost. When she looked up at him with a question in her eyes, he grabbed the jacket sleeve closest to him and gave it a vicious yank, stripping the jacket off her in one quick motion. 

She gasped. 

He walked away, leaving her to stare after him while mentally giving himself a point on the invisible scoreboard in his mind. Bevian-1. Noah-0.


If you ask Kasi Blake how old she was when she started writing, she will probably say twelve. That's when she wrote her first short story. But it started long before then. Her first characters were invisible friends she played with as a child. In the third grade she wrote a one-page story about a mummy for an assignment, and the teacher read it to the class. Even though she was embarrassed, the other kids laughed in all the right places, and she realized she could affect other people through her writing. She loves to get lost in emotional stories, crying and laughing with the characters, so she thinks it's the most amazing thing in the world to be able to do this for other people.

Kasi is a hardcore Supernatural fanatic and practically has the shows memorized line for line. If you want to see her freak out, tell her you've never watched an episode. Then be prepared to listen to a long list of reasons why you should. In her spare time, when she's not reading or writing, she does nail art, engages in day-long shopping trips with friends, and takes care of her many animals.

Originally from California, she resides in the Midwest on a farm with cows, chickens, ducks, a dog, and two cats.

Want to READ MORE from Clean Teen Publishing? 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello! My name is Kasi Blake

When I introduce myself as an author, I get varied reactions, most of them pretty funny in retrospect.  What people don't understand is how hard it is for me to do this in the first place.  For years I felt awkward about telling people.  I felt like a fraud.  Even after publishing with Harlequin, it just felt weird to say.  My tongue would tie up in knots, and part of me expected people to call me out on it.  "You aren't an author!"  I would nod.  "Yes, I am."  "Oh really," they would say.  "What awards have you won?  How much money did you make last year?  Are you on the NY Times Bestseller List?"

Then I read a book about 'owning' it and forcing myself to introduce myself as a writer.  So, I do it when I can.  It's gotten easier, but some of the reactions are priceless.

Some people don't even blink.  They don't care.  A wary look comes into their eyes like they're afraid you're going to 'bore' them with details of your latest masterpiece.

Some people ask what I've written.  When I tell them I write YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy, their are two possible reactions.  Half of them get excited because they love those kind of books.  The other half take on a disdainful expression as if they wouldn't be caught dead reading 'those' kind of books.

Some people get excited because they want to tell me about their idea for a book.  I try to tell them they should write the book if they love the idea so much, but that is usually met with the response, "I can't write, but if you want to use it..."  I don't.  Even if the idea is awesome, I have too many of my own to make room for someone else's.

I've had people roll their eyes at me, quickly change the subject, and flat out tell me they don't care.

By some reactions you would think I just told them I kick puppies for fun.

There have been a few people over the years who are just so delighted to hear that I write, they make it worthwhile.  I love to talk to them about their favorite books.  Sometimes I even find a new series to read when discussing books with strangers.

If you write, don't be afraid to tell people.  Get used to it.  Someday you might even make a living at it.  Then you'll be glad you had all that practice saying it.  :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Big Problem


In an experiment gone awry I tried to do a pre-order launch for WIZARDS RULE at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, etc.  Well, in order to do it, they want you to upload your manuscript early.  Problem was, my manuscript wasn't even finished yet.  So I put up SHIFTERS RULE in its place as a temporary place holder, you know?  I didn't see any harm in it as long as I got the right one on their before it was time for the books to go out.  Well--guess what?

The wrong book is still on Kobo.  People are upset, and I don't blame them.  Someone finally told me about the problem so I contacted Smashwords.  Hopefully they will get the right one sent to Kobo ASAP.

If you bought the book from Kobo and got the wrong one, please write to them and ask them for the most recent edition.  They should have it soon.  Thank you for your understanding and your patience.  I will never try to do a pre-order again.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bloopers, Mistakes, and Screw-ups

Third Rock from the Sun

This is one of my favorite shows.  I have all the seasons on DVD, and I'm watching a Third Rock marathon right now.  I've noticed a few odd things.

1. Did Sally pick her own body or was she forced to be 'the woman?'  At the beginning of the series Sally complains several times that they made her be the woman.  Then later they talk about picking their bodies from a catalog and they act like she wanted to be the woman.

2.  Dennis Rodman makes an appearance.  The famed basketball star runs into the gang at a hardware store.  When he sees them he calls them by name, but later it is stated that they chose their names on purpose to blend in.  Tom, Dick, and Harry.  Get it?

3.  Is Dick Canadian?  At one point they mention Dick is from Canada (at least that is what his papers say, the papers put together by Tommy), but at another point they are laughing about other people being from Canada.

4.  A fake high commander takes over and replaces the real high commander.  How does this guy know everything about the world and how it works when the rest of them had to learn?  Did someone make him a cheat sheet?

5.  Why do they forget what music and dancing are?  When they first arrive on Earth, a song is playing on the car radio and they are bopping along to it.  But later when Harry joins a CD club, they act stunned when they start dancing around the room and don't know what it is or why they are doing it.

6.  What happens after Nina finds the alien curling iron that vaporizes things?  She finds it at the end of one season, but there is no mention it at the beginning of the next.

There are more, but I can't think of them right now.  Is anyone else a fan of the show?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top Ten

TOP TEN REASONS TO READ BAIT (and the other Order of the Spirit Realm Novels)

1. Nick Gallos is a rock star slash vampire hunter.  I mean, come on, how cool is that?

2.  Bay-Lee is a Van Helsing.  Also awesome.

3.  Sometimes they cross over to the Spirit Realm to fight monsters.

4.  There is a banshee living among them.

5.  A dark prophecy is hanging over their heads.

6.  Mock Battles are epic!  Participating students fight each other, teachers, and sometimes even real monsters.

7.  Nick fights a Border Monster.

8.  A little girl says a monster is in her closet, and it isn't her imagination.

9.  Nick and Bay-Lee share a forbidden romance.

10. Wraiths are killing students on their birthdays.

You can find Bait here on Amazon.