Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Thirty

Sorry. Didn't make it to thirty books. Health issues. Maybe next year.

1. Bible: Because I can't live without God's guidance, his love, and his protection. I have no idea how non-believers make it through a single day.

2. The Outsiders: Because this was my first YA book, the one that started it all. It made me realize that I wanted to do that. I wanted to make up other worlds and live in them.

3. Harry Potter: Because this is the book that got me reading YA again after I quit years ago. The awesome world-building in this series has no rivals. It's a magical place where kids and adults alike can lose themselves for a few hours.

4. Twilight: Because the book struck such an emotional chord in me. I know there are a lot of Twilight-haters out there, but this book reminded me of what first-love is actually like. Falling in love is hard on a tender heart.

5. Vampires Rule: Because this was the first YA I ever wrote and answered a question that weighed heavily on my mind for years. What happens when a vampire loses his fangs and his immortality but still has to fight werewolves?

6. The Demon's Lexicon: Because this book has such an awesome brother relationship in it. I loved these characters so much that by the end of the trilogy I couldn't write for a solid week. I just kept wondering why I didn't have brothers like Alan and Nick in my book. This book, the first in the series, also has an AWESOME surprise ending.

(I don't have a pic of the book cover, so here are Jace and Clary from the movie)
Found it.

7. City of Bones: Because this is the type of book I enjoy the most, and it's the closest to how I write. In fact, that's how I discovered it. A friend read City of Bones and told me that it reminded her of my writing. I was flattered after I picked up a copy and read it for myself.

8. Shiver: Because of the unique idea, at least it was unique to me, of people that change into wolves when it gets cold. They spend their winter months in fur, lol. Plus, it had a cute love story.

9. Need: This book is by Carrie Jones and deals with pixies. That's right. You heard me. Pixies. And that is why I loved it. The series also has a cool love story with two leading men. Which one will Zara choose? Read them and find out.

10. Bait: Another one by me, yes. This, to date, is my most involved series. Many twists. Lots of secrets. The love story involves Van Helsing's daughter and a not-so-dead rock star.

11. Vampire Diaries: Because this was written before Twilight and was so awesome that people believed the author had ripped off Bella and Edward. Not true. But Twilight did breathe life into it, and now the book is a series.

12. The Phantom Tollbooth: When I was a kid, the teacher read this to us every day. I think it was the second grade. This book sparked my imagination. It's the first book I can remember getting totally lost in.

13. Marked: Read this right after I finished Twilight, and I was on a vampire kick. The series lost me after the third book, but I love how this one started. Imaginative.

14. The Iliad: A lot of people think I'm crazy for loving this one as much as I do, but the idea of Greek gods behind the scenes, some on each side, sparked my interest in mythology.

15. Vampire Academy: Yeah, read this while still on the vampire craze. There are so many interesting stories with fanged creatures in them.

16. Pet Semetery: This is the only book that scared the stuffing out of me. I remember reading it one day in our tiny apartment when I was sixteen. My brother walked through the door, and I screamed. The book flew through the air. That's how good it is. In fact, if I want a scary read, that's my go-to book.

17. It: As long as we're talking about scary books, this one has an evil clown. Enough said.