Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reviews: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Whenever I need to get my feet back on the ground and deflate my ego, all I have to do is read some reviews for my books on Goodreads.  Wow.  I haven't been in there for a long time, but I have read several reviews for the same books on Amazon.  People on Amazon (for the most part) seem to love me and my books.  Then you go over to Goodreads and those people seem to hate me and everything I write.  What a difference.  I wonder why?  What do you think?

Is it because there are a lot of authors on Goodreads?  Are they trying to knock down the competition?

Or do readers on Goodreads feel more passionately about their books and judge them more harshly?

I don't think writers should read reviews of their own work.  I know, I know, I just admitted to doing it myself.  But it never brings about anything good.  Either your head gets too big to fit in the door or you leave the site feeling depressed.  When I first got published, I checked all the sites every day, eager to hear from readers.  These days I rarely look.  It doesn't change anything.  Bad reviews might hurt sales, depending on what the person says about the book, but usually people want to make up their own minds.  I know I do.

Do you change your mind about buying a book if you see a bad review?

What changes my mind?  1. I find out the main character is unsympathetic and people didn't like them.  2. There are numerous errors on every page.  3. Everyone is saying they hate the ending or that there wasn't an ending.  4. There is a lot of cursing or real graphic sexual situations.

I changed my mind about buying the last book in the series that started with Shiver.  I loved the first book, but almost everyone said in their reviews that the end of the book is abrupt and they felt like the author ran out of time and quit.  That doesn't sound good.

If the reader sounds like they just enjoy griping about stuff, I ignore them and read the book.

What stops you from reading something?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Blockbuster Summer Reviews

Confession time.  I rarely go to the movies, and why would I when my living room is so comfortable?  I have a big screen television, no on kicking my seat or distracting me with their huge Iphone as they text during the movie, and I can pause it when I need to use the bathroom so I don't miss anything.  That being said, we (the YA Storyteller Society) are making a list of our top movies for the summer.  Since I don't see them until they come to DVD, I will break down for you what I WANT to see.

1.  Transformers 4:  I loved the other movies because of Shia, so I'm anxious to see how the franchise does without him.  It looks promising.  Who doesn't love Mark Wahlberg?

2.  Lucy:  A badass chick who can make people drop with a wave of her hand.  What's not to love here?  Hope it is as good as it looks.

3.  Into the Storm:  I live in tornado alley, and every time I watched Twister we got stormy weather, so I'm leery about this, but it looks so cool.

4.  if i stay:  The girl in this movie (don't know her name yet) is incredible, and I can't wait to see it.  Looks like a beautiful story, and I hope she stays with the guy.

5.  ???

I don't think I have a fifth, honestly.  Nasty comedies that make crude jokes about sex are a big turn off to me, and I hate gruesome horror flicks.  I only watch cartoon movies when I have a kid in the house.  That doesn't leave much for me to choose from, so I guess I'll leave my list at four.

What movies are you looking forward to?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Need a Review on Amazon for WARRIOR

A couple hundred people have downloaded it so far, but no one has left a review yet.  I don't understand it.  Hunter got reviewed right away.  If you've read it, please leave a review.  Thank you!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Big Brother Smackdown

Usually I write about book-related stuff on here, but I am a Big Brother addict and thought I should just admit it.  LOL.  The past few years, in my opinion, have lacked good players (except for the returning players who are always good).  Outside of Ian, I don't remember liking any new players for a long time, so I am excited about this season.  So far it has been a blast.  I don't have any favorites yet, but I enjoy watching the antics of these people as they try to scheme their way to half a million dollars.

Do you have a favorite?

Who do you want to see win?

Who do you think will actually win?

I have enjoyed the whole Caleb/Amber thing with him stalking her and her with nowhere to go.  Personally, I thought she was sending him mixed messages.  She claimed she didn't like him, but then she jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist at one point, and I was thinking, "If you don't like him, why are you acting like you do?"

Also, the whole house turning on Frankie and him fighting back is interesting.  Even if he doesn't go home this week, they will get him eventually.  He won't last until the end now.  I'd like to see Christine go home.  Trying to turn Nicole against Hayden by telling her that he was kissing Victoria was over the line because real feelings were involved there.  At least Nic wasn't dumb enough to believe her.

Zach annoys the snot out of me.  Am I the only one?

Friday, August 1, 2014


This week the YA Storyteller Society will be discussing superstitions.

When you were a kid, did you ever play the game where you can't step on any cracks in the sidewalk because it was bad luck?

Personally, I never cared for superstitions.  I was the kid who walked under the ladder on a dare, pet the black cat, and opened the umbrella inside the house.  Friday the 13th is an awesome day for me.  Are you worried about superstitions?  Do you know of any weird ones I might not have heard yet?  If so, please let me know below, and check out the other members of the Society to see what they have to say about superstitions.