Monday, July 30, 2012

Marketing 101: H is for Hi There, Have You Heard About My Book?

Okay, this letter was hard for me to come up with something, so I'm grasping.  This is true though.  I have felt at times that I am going up to everyone in America, one person at a time, and asking them if they have heard of my book and if they would be interested in reading it.  Writing is hard.  Marketing is harder.  I would rather sit in my office with writer's block for a solid week, day after day, than to have to market for even an hour.  I'm just not a natural born sales person.  So what do I do?

Well, for one thing, I carry business cards with me.  You never know when the subject of reading is going to come up.  I don't hand the cards out to everyone I meet, and I'm not usually the one who brings up the subject of reading.  But once it is out there I will mention that I am a writer.  If I see any interest at all in their eyes, I will delve a little further, telling them what sort of books I write.  Then I might ask if they read YA or know someone who does.  If the answer is yes, I will give them a card. 

The above only works on people you meet in person, of course.

You have to use a different approach with people you meet online.  I can't very well give them a business card.  And you have to be careful not to 'spam' online.  I hate that word.  There have been a few times that I've mentioned my books in the wrong place.  Answers at yahoo is a good place to find readers, but you aren't allowed to tell them about your books.  You have to have a friend do it for you.  Fortunately, I have an awesome friend who goes in there from time to time and mentions my books to people asking for a paranormal read.

Stay tuned for the letter I.

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