Friday, July 27, 2012

YA Indie Carnival: Chemistry Contest

Visit the carnies and vote on which characters have the most chemistry.  To vote for the winner, go here:
You will be entered to win a book by the author you voted for.

Here is my entry.  This scene joins Dylan after he's been knocked out.  Starr and Lily rush to his side to see if he's okay:

Dylan reopened his eyes. They weren't glazed over this time, but shining with the light of pure reason. Fully awake now, a hand went to his head as he struggled to sit up. Starr grabbed onto his arm to help him. She gestured for Lily to leave them alone.

For the first time since Starr had known her, Lily instantly obeyed. She mumbled something about getting him a wet rag for his head. Then she was gone, running donw the hallway, still apologizing for what she'd done to Dylan in a loud voice that echoed back to them.

After struggling into a sitting position, Dylan scooted closer to the wall and leaned back against it. He looked dazed and didn't even try to speak. Starr plunked down next to him and asked if he was okay. She studied his features, watching for signs that he might need a doctor. Her hand reached for his. Their fingers entangled while resting on his lap.


He turned his head to smile at her, and his eyes flooded with emotion. "I've missed you so much." He touched her hair, smoothing it as if it was made of something fragile and priceless. "I can't believe you're here. Part of me is afraid this is just a dream."

"What do you mean you missed me? I didn't go anywhere."

"Yes you did. We both did."

"Maybe we should take you to the hospital."

His smile widened. "I don't need a doctor. I'm fine. I remember now."

"Remember what?"

"Everything." He spoke like a man at peace with himself and the world around him. If Starr didn't know better, she would think he'd been drinking. There was something different about him. Starr blinked a few times, stunned by the change. Was it her imagination or was there a dangerous aura enveloping him like a dark cloak?

The air crackled with a new awareness.

Starr tried to form a word several times before any sound emerged. "W-what?" She cleared her throat and tried again. What was wrong with her? Why were her hands shaking? "Uh... what do you mean?"

"I remember being in the It-Squad, and I remember everything about you." His tongue slid across his lower lip, drawing her attention to his very kissable mouth. He added, "You and I have a history that neither one of us knew about."


"Yeah. You and I had somthing going before this whole game mess started."

"We did?" She swallowed.

"We did."

Starr moved closer, desperately wanting him to kiss her. There was something forbidden about it. Her stomach clenched. As her mouth lightly brushed his she felt like she was cheating on Dylan with someone new. How ridiculous. This was Dylan, the boy she'd wanted half her life.

When she hesitated in deepening the kiss, Dylan went for it. He cupped her face between both hands and kissed her breathless. Every nerve ending she owned began to sizzle. She felt the kiss all the way down to her toes. Even the way he kissed had changed. Llike mixing gasoline with fire, passion exploded between them.

There it is, my scene.  If you want to vote for it, go to the above link and leave a comment.  That will enter you into the contest.  Also, view the other carnis by clicking the different links on this site to see what they have to offer.  Thanks in advance!

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