Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Witch Hunt

Because I wrote Witch Hunt I will not be reviewing it, but I will copy over a few reviews of it for you so that you can see what people are saying about it.  This is the first in a long line of reviews I've set up for Witch Hunt.  Here is a small section of what the blogger had to say about the book:

Witch Hunt is the sequel to Crushed in K.C. Blake’s The Witch-Game series. I always love reading Blake’s novels. She’s a fantastic writer. Blake writes her teen characters with great personalities and the storylines are full of humor, drama, and romance that quickly pulls me in. I can’t flip the pages fast enough. In this second book we have all new characters playing a different witch game that takes this group of teen witches and warlocks on a mystery detective style to try to get their true identity and lives back. Blake has created an amazing world of suspense and magic with a heroine who’s head-strong and ready to take on the bad guy while trying to hold on to her guy Dylan who's the love of life.

Starr is the Baycott Academy school reporter, and no amount of snooping is too much for her when it comes to getting her story. And the one story she wants more than any other is: what secrets are the It-Squad hiding? Starr also has her own personal reason for wanting to get close to the untouchable, popular Squad, and his name is Dylan Winchester. Starr has been crushing on Dylan forever and this is her last year in school to make her dreams with Dylan come true. Starr is snooping on the Squad to find out what their secret game is all about, but she had no idea it would involve the death of Jade and be the cause of why she’s dead. Starr realizes this is no game, its real, but now Starr is in the game for her life and if she loses, what life will she have and will it include Dylan?

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