Friday, July 20, 2012

YA Indie Carnival Giveaway and Other News

This week certain members of the Carnival are giving away books, today only.  Be sure to click on their sites below and enter to win.  I am sitting this one out.

In other news, Harlequin has re-released one of my Romantic Suspense novels Borrowed Identity as an ebook.  If you like your romance mixed with danger, go to and look up Borrowed Identity.  It's an Intrigue.  What is it about?

Kelly wakes up in bed alone the day after marrying Michael Taggert.  She is still wearing her wedding gown.  When she gets up to put the gown in the closet, she finds her new husband DEAD.  Someone murdered him... maybe they're still inside of Moore House (the place she's called home her whole life).  She runs down the hallway.  There is a flash of lightning.  It reveals the face of her new husband.  He's standing in front of her as if nothing happened.  She faints.  When she wakes up the second time, she is in her nightgown and Michael is trying to convince her that it was all a dream.  So why doesn't she believe him?

Maybe because this is not the Michael she married. 

Moore House is rumored to have hidden diamonds somewhere in the multitude of connecting rooms.  Someone wants those diamonds. The question is how badly do they want them?  Bad enough to convince Kelly that she's lost her mind?  Bad enough to murder?

If you are interested in the giveaway, check with the Carnis in my last YA Indie Carnival post below.  For some reason this thing won't let me recopy them.

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