Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This word comes up a lot.  I've been hearing it at least once a month since I first started writing.  My writer friends search for it.  People on message boards question it.  Books tell you how to find it.  What is inspiration?

I remember someone asking this question in a college creative writing class once.  To my knowledge it was never truly answered.  Inspiration is whatever you make of it.  It is that 'little something' that helps you finish your novel or to even create a new one.  It sets you on the right path.  How do you find it?

That's a hard one.  I think the answer is different for everyone.  A friend and I were discussing this over the phone last week because we were both having trouble getting our Works in Progress finished.  I found my inspiration and things are going well now.  She's still searching for hers.  What helped me is not helping her.  So I think 'inspiration' is a very personal thing. 

I was having trouble because I lost my joy of writing.  It's become a chore.  How many of you know that you can't force yourself to write without coming up with slop?  That's how it is for me anyhow.  Maybe you're different.   I fell out of love with writing.  It happens.  If writing is your chosen profession, you are not guaranteed to love it one-hundred percent of the time.  Like marriage, you have to work at it.  So what did I do to fall in love with it again?

I sought inspiration.

Where can you find inspiration?

1.  Music
2.  Books written by others
3.  Movies
4. Dreams
5. Daydreaming

I have found all of these helpful from time to time.  Oddly enough  I find it this time in my own writing.  I had to reread Vampires Rule and Werewolves Rule so that I can keep Shifters Rule straight.  The characters and story sucked me in.  Even though I wrote it myself I didn't remember very much of it.  It was like reading it for the first time. 

Also, when I was in church the other day praying for help with my writing, scenes popped into my head and the story has been fixed.  My love has returned.  Hopefully it will stay with me for a long time.  Happy writing!  :)

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