Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Witch Hunt (another)

Here are some more reviews for Witch Hunt (my most popular book to date). The first review is from Smashwords and the second came from Goodreads.

So, I’ve been thinking for a few days about this book and why I liked it. First of all, the game itself was an interesting concept. It was kind of a cat and mouse kind of game but in this instance it was “Fox” and “Hound”. It was a different game than the one in Crushed. It was a little more detailed and if you weren’t paying attention to the rules you might miss something. There were twists, turns, and a little bit of mystery in the plot. I really liked it because one of the characters had a touch of Nancy Drew flair to her. Starr was a nosy, pushy, get the story at all costs kind of girl. She didn’t care if there was danger involved. She just wanted the facts that led to the story. The characters were well written. They were exactly what the story needed in order for the plot to unfurl the way it did. There was a bit of a romance but it didn’t over power the story. I rather liked that the mystery and intrigue was driving this story.

I read Crushed which made me decide to give this book a read. I do like the writing style of KC Blake. She tells a good story and knows how to keep a captive audience. She gives just enough detail to hold the interest of the reader but doesn’t give it all the way so that the reader wants to keep reading. I also like that in this series we are not following up on characters but the story focuses on a new game with new characters for the reader to know. So even though this is a series it is also stand alone. Brilliant!!
What it comes down to is if I would recommend this book. My answer is yes. It has great characters, a little bit of romance, some mystery, and an interesting game. It’s a total package. So add it to the summer reading list and go on a Witch Hunt.
And another:
This book was pretty awesome. The idea of the game and the It-Squad was very interesting. It actually took me a couple of pages till I finally understood how the game actually worked. All the memory losing and what not had me confused xD But once I had that figured out, it went well on it's way.

I really liked Starr, she was spiffy and nosy, but that's what she does, aren't all reporters all on your face? xD But, even though she was upfront about her investigating, she was still pretty smart about the whole thing and very down to earth. It wasn't like other books were it was so damn obvious with all the clues and they still couldn't put 2 and 2 together to even make a reasonable or even close guess. Starr may have not figured out who it was till the very end but she at least had a damn good guess. Really like Dylan too, he was a mix between tough guy and sweet and vulnerable. The one character who got on my nerves was Lily. She was like a damn 5 year-old could not for the life of her get a clue, and she would get pissed about it too!

Great book, it had a good pace, action, romance and mystery.

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