Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Top Ten Surprise Ending Movies

 I love a good movie, especially if it has a surprise-twist ending. So, here is a list of my favorite ten movies with twists. At least these are the ten I can remember.

They are in no certain order, just whatever comes to mind first.

Spoilers Ahead (you've been warned)

1. The Mist: This movie was based on a Stephen King story. Although most of it was, I thought, typical and boring, the ending was the coolest thing ever, mainly cause I never saw it coming. What is the twist? Well, some people escape giants insects and killer monster things, or at least they think they are getting away. The car runs out of gas. Then, they hear a horrible growling sound getting closer and closer. Of course, they assume something is about to squish or eat them, so the star of the movie uses the last of his bullets to shoot his small son and all the other people in the car. Then, he gets out and waits for the monster to kill him. Only it isn't a monster. The growl is coming from a tank. The army has arrived to save him. Ooops.

2. Planet of the Apes: I remember watching this when I was a kid, the original and not the remake. An astronaut crashes on a strange planet with talking apes, and he spends the rest of the movie trying to get home only to finally figure out that he is home. He's landed on Earth in the future. Ooops.

3. Fight Club: The star of the movie tells us in the beginning that he's suffering from a terrible lack of sleep, so when we later finds out that he's imagined his new friend, Brad Pitt, it shouldn't surprise us. Yet it did.

4. The Sixth Sense: Bruce Willis plays a shrink, and he struggles to help a small boy who thinks he sees dead people. LOL. It never occurred to me that Bruce was dead the whole time. Guess I wasn't paying attention. 

5. Scream: This movie really got me, and it taught me a lot about good mis-direction. First, they make the killer look guilty. Then, they clear him of being the killer. Clever. Turns out there are two killers. I never saw it coming.

6. The Game: This movie is kind of old, but I still remember it. Michael Douglas gets a weird present for his birthday. Someone is trying to kill him. You know what they say about never feeling quite as alive as when you are close to dying. Turns out the whole thing is just a game, a set-up to bring that rosy glow back to his cheeks. I would have shot the person responsible for giving me this stupid present. There were so many ways this could have gone wrong. What if he'd had a heart attack?  Oops.

7. Frailty: This one shocked me. It was so awesome. This poor kid grows up with a nutty father who thinks he heard from an angel and that he's killing bad people for God. Only, it turns out he's telling the truth, and the rebellious son is eventually killed by the brother following in his dad's footsteps.

8. The Uninvited: This is a favorite of mine, although I kind of figured out what was going on. A girl is released from the hospital after spending a lot of time there following her mother's death. She just couldn't cope, and now she's thrust back into family life with a new stepmother she suspects is a killer and her sister is the only one who will take it seriously. Too bad her sister is dead, and she's actually talking to herself. Crazy? Yeah. Send her back to the hospital.

9. Hide and Seek: In the scenes, this looked so creepy with the little girl telling a woman that they're 'already playing the game' and how she tells her dad that she has a friend she isn't supposed to talk about. Her dad, a shrink, is worried about his poor little darling. Then we discover he's crazy and has a split personality. He's his daughter's weird friend, and he'll kill anyone she talks to about him.

10. The Perfect Getaway: A friend watched this movie before me and was shocked by the twist, so she challenged me to figure out what was going on before the end. I told her what was happening before the beginning credits even ended. LOL. The star couple are actually the killers pretending to be a couple on their honeymoon, but they killed those people. I realized it when they showed a video from the wedding at the start, but the bride and groom are never shown (at least not their faces). Ah-ha!

Did I fail to mention your favorite twist ending movie?

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You reminded me of a book I read...maybe seventh grade...'Them' ...was there a bad twin...or was he just in the protag's mind?