Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Top Ten List

This Top Ten list is all about my favorite shows to watch on DVD.

These are my all-time favorite shows to watch over and over and over on DVD starting from least to number one favorite.

10. Big Bang Theory: I am starting with the Big Bang in the lowest position because it is on TV so much that I don't even need the DVDs at this time. Sheldon is my fave character. He is quirky and funny and tells it like it is.

9. Haven: This sci-fi show is my ninth fave because the characters are interesting, and it has exciting twists. If you've never watched it, it is based on a story by Stephen King. Parker, an FBI agent, comes to the little town of Haven in search of a mystery. Then, she finds out about the Troubles. You see, the citizens of Haven (some of them) suffer from supernatural powers that, in most cases, they cannot control. Parker is the only one who can help them. 

8. Boy Meets World: I put this at the 8th spot cause it is funny, and I enjoy watching the characters grown and change. As you know, two of the stars have returned in Girl Meets World. 

7. Frasier: Another funny show that I enjoy watching from time to time. My fave part is the relationship that finally happens between Niles and Daphne. Love the dog too. 

6. Fringe: This show only lasted five seasons, but it was an incredible story of the FBI chasing down supernatural events. I could have put X Files right here, but I haven't bought those DVDs yet. I actually think I prefer this show.

5. The Office: Funny show that starts off with Steve Carrel (don't think I spelled that right) as the self-absorbed boss who is more like a huge baby but does have his lovable moments. Unlike some shows, I love how this one wrapped up and showed us where all the characters go after it ends and what they do. Of course, Jim and Pam are my favorite characters. Amazing chemistry. Also enjoyed the character of Dwight. 

4. Smallville: The adventures of a young Superman played by Tom Welling. It starts off in high school with him leaning on his family and learning to deal with his super powers as they crop up. John Schneider made an awesome dad, and I hated it when they got rid of him. But the show had to move on, and Clark Kent had to grow up. Lex Luthor was like the best fr-enemy ever. Loved how he goes back and forth from good friend to hostile bad guy, always searching for the goodness deep in his heart.

3. Vampire Diaries: Every year I buy the new season. Now that Elena has left the show I'm not sure if that will continue. Depends on how they handle things without her. Damon is an awesome character because like Lex Luthor above he constantly fights that inner need to be evil and tries hard to be good. Those amazing eyes can make me forgive him almost anything.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: I watch the series once every year or so. The writing is exceptional, and the characters are so good that I even look forward to seeing the ones I'm not crazy about. 

1. Supernatural: This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who frequents this blog, my FB pages, etc. Yes, this is my all-time favorite show. Sam and Dean are such incredible characters, and I love to watch their relationship get stretched to its limits. My one problem with the show is how often they kill off my fave characters. We hardly have anyone left at this point, but I am hoping because they killed Death that some dead characters can return.

Well, that is the list of the top ten shows that I repeatedly watch and have DVDs of. Did I forget any great shows?  I am always looking for something interesting to watch. Let me know. :)

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Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Big Bang would be number 1 on my list

I've never seen Boy meets World. Off to Netflix