Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Plea to the General Hospital Brass

I have been watching this show for years, started when I was in high school. In fact, you could say I was watching as a baby since my mom had it on while she was doing housework. I've stuck with you even during the dumbest, most boring storylines. Now I hear your ratings are dropping and people are turning it off. We already lost OLTL and AMC. 

Stop ruining the show!

I don't blame people for turning it off. My hand is close to doing the same thing. It's gotten ridiculous and makes me wonder why you are trying to kill it.

What is wrong with the show?

1. The Jason Head Game: I understand why you brought him back the way you did, so that people would get to know Billy Miller before he becomes Jason, but enough is enough! We are tired of the games. Did you pull wings off flies when you were little? Seriously, stop teasing us and lying to us and let the truth come out already. Then, we will have some drama worth watching.

2. Too Many Little Kids Saying Grown Up Things: Kids can be very cute and fun to watch, but these scenes with the children confessing their undying love and fighting over the same girl are silly and uncomfortable to watch. They make me laugh and not in a good way.

3. Characters Acting Dumb: It didn't surprise me when Liz went the selfish route and lied to Jason's face night after night to keep him with her. But too many characters are flipping from good to bad and others are just acting stupid. I'm with Nik on why doesn't anyone recognize Jason. Is it the water? Are they taking stupid pills? Is this a new Cassadine plot? Whatever it is, knock it off.

4. Dante is a Jealous Idiot: I understand you need to break up couples, give them problems, keep it interesting, but Dante is a detective. I would think he'd confront his wife about cheating, not jump the first available girl. Is he also taking the stupid pills?

5. Too Many Characters: There are way too many characters on this show. Seems like you are jumping through hoops trying to keep up with them. A lot of them, we don't even care for. Cut some of them loose before you bankrupt yourself and lose the show.

Anyway, that is my rant. I have LOVED this show for so many years and I hate to see it go down in flames. Fix it please. Or give the jobs to someone else and let them fix it.

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