Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marketing 101: J is for Jungle Marketing

Okay, this is actually called Gorilla Marketing, but I needed a 'J'. 

What is Jungle Marketing?  It is trying something risky that might gain some notoriety (sell some books) or maybe not.  It is risky.  Sometimes it is borderline illegal.  Here are some examples of thinking outside of the box:

1.  Leave your book at the mall or at a park or school for someone to 'steal.'

2.  Dress up in a costume and show up at an event that goes with what you wrote.  You might wind up on the news.

3.  Go to the taping of a show, something like Good Morning America, and hold up a sign or the book itself.

4.  Stand up in front of others and read something from your book.

Check in later for Marketing 101: K

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