Monday, August 20, 2012

Marketing 101: I is for Interview

This is another great way to get your name and titles of your books out there.  Look for blogs willing to interview authors.  There are tons of them.  Even blogs that will not review your book if it is an ebook or if you are Indie, will usually agree to interview you.  In fact, I have found most of these people to be more than willing.  They are excited to do it.

What should you say in an interview?  Try to think of interesting things to say about your books and about you personally.  Have you done something that not many others have?  Do you have a special skill or talent?  Have you met someone famous?  These are all great topics.

One other piece of advice when interviewing: Think of some awesome quotes.

I actually heard this from a famous writer.  He said we should all work on quotes for interviewers that are so great they will be quoted again and again.  He actually claims to have seen his quotes on other blogs months later.  Sounds good to me.

Check back for Marketing 101. 

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