Monday, April 30, 2012

Marketing 101: C is for Creativity

Be CREATIVE when you market your books.  Think outside of the box.  Try to come up with stuff that other writers haven't done to death.  Most of it probably won't work, but all you need is one fantastic idea.

One day I was watching Shark Tank and saw this guy dressed up as a water bottle running on the sidelines during a marathon.  He was selling water bottles and got a lot of news coverage by thinking outside of the box.  This made me start thinking, what can I do?

Some people call this Gorilla (sp) Marketing.  I have heard of people leaving their books in public places, hoping the right person will 'steal' them.  If there is something going on that can be linked to your book, you can get involved in that.  So far I haven't found anything, but it sounds good.

I'm keeping this post short because if I give away the things I've thought of, everyone will be doing it.  However, after I try them I will post about them to let you know what worked and what was just a waste of time.  Next time we will talk about the letter D.  Thank you, and happy writing!!!

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