Thursday, May 3, 2012

YA Indie Carnival: WIP Sneak Peek

This week at the Carnival we are posting the first paragraph of our current Work-in-Progress or Current Read.  I decided to give you a bit more.  I am working on Shifters Rule and hope to have it out by Halloween.  Sorry for the formatting.  I couldn't get this thing to work right.  As always, I will put links up to the other great sites so you can take a trip around the Carnival and read some interesting beginnings to some awesome books.  Thank you!  :)

It was in the morning when Jack stood at the top of the staircase, dagger in hand.  Tilting his head, he listened for the slightest sound.  Although he wasn’t a vampire anymore, his hearing was almost as good as it had been back then.  He listened for the noise that had shaken him from sleep: a muted crash, as if somebody had bumped into something and knocked it over even as they tried in vain to catch it.  The sound had been followed by a muffled curse.  His super hearing had failed to catch an accent, so it wasn’t Ian.  There was an intruder in the house, a male intruder.  Hope welled up within him knowing it could be Billy.

No one had seen or heard from his brother since graduation.  Jack refused to give up the search.  He was determined to find Billy.  If he could just talk to Billy again, reason with him for half an hour or so, he was sure he could convince him to stay at the house until they could kill Jersey.

Jack reached out a hand and flicked the overhead light on.

The floor creaked behind him.

He half-turned.  Strong hands shoved him, and Jack lost his balance.  He flew down the stairs, smashing into the wall at the halfway point.  After that he rolled headfirst over the last few steps and landed at the bottom of the staircase in a tangled heap.  The dagger flew from his fingers and skated across the hardwood floor, just beyond his reach.  Every inch of his body screamed in pain. 

The intruder descended the stairs with slow, meticulous steps while removing a pair of black gloves.  Even though it was summer and no longer cooled off in the evenings, the intruder wore a long black coat, and Jack recognized it immediately.  Before the man’s face came into view, he knew the pusher was Jersey Clifford.


Rebekkah Ford said...

Good scene, KC. :)

Heather said...

Way to leave us hanging! ;)

K. C. Blake said...

Thank you.

People have been asking when I was going to finish the third book in the Rule Series. I am working on Shifters Rule now. A lot of people liked Jersey Clifford as the villain, so I wanted to show them that he is in this book at the very start. Can't wait for it to be finished.

Patti Larsen said...

He wasn't a vampire anymore.

Consider me hooked!

K. C. Blake said...

He loses him immortality and fangs in the first book, but he still has to fight the head werewolf. At least he gets some powers back. That's helpful.