Friday, March 30, 2012

Witch Hunt Blog Tour

After months of organizing and hair pulling, here it is: The Witch Hunt Blog Tour begins now.  I feel like I should insert an evil laugh here.  Bwah-ha-ha. 

Every day there will be a new blog to hop to with me. (Well, almost every day).  Some will have guest posts by me.  Some will have interviews.  One will have an unusual post that I am very excited about.  What is it?  I'm not telling.  Blog-hop with me to find out.  Please join us on the tour and invite your friends.

If something happens and a blog does not post what they said they will post, I will remove them from the list.  Every week I will put this post up again so you can find it easily.

April 1:     Welcome to the blog tour on my blog
April 2:     Mostly Reviews
April 3:     The Service Mutations
April 4:     Blanca's Birthday!!!  No tour today.
April 5:     Independent Paranormal
April 6:     Books With Bite
April 7:     CANCELLED
April 8:     Cubicle Blindness
April 9:     Book Goddess
April10:    Booktastic
April11:    Diary of a Book Addict
April12:    Roots in Myth
April13:    Book Spark
April14:    The Warrior Series
April15:    Suzy Turner
April16:    CANCELLED
April17:    Cheri Schmidt
April18:    Belle Books
April19:    Addicted 2 Books
April20:    CANCELLED
April21:    Amelie Fisher
April22:    Book Reaper
April23:    CANCELLED
April24:    Laura's Magic Day
April25:    Chapter By Chapter
April26:    The Crazy Dream
April27:    Rachel Cole
April28:    Wandering Thoughs of a Writer

 Witch Hunt is available now here:

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Laura Elliott said...

Good luck on your tour:) Sounds amazing!