Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Let Me Introduce You to the Characters in Witch Hunt

This will be my last Teaser Tuesday.  I'm losing the Internet for a week and a half starting this Friday.  Then I have so much to do with formatting Witch Hunt and organizing the blog tour that I don't have time for anything else.  So I thought I would introduce you to the characters in Witch Hunt.

Starr Hughes:  17.  Teen reporter for the school paper and a major snoop.  Your secrets are not safe around this girl.  She can and will uncover them.  Her mom died when she was young, and she hasn't gotten over that.  Maybe it's part of the reason for her tenacious attitude when it comes to a good story.  She hears the mysterious gang known as the It-Squad are playing a game and it sounds creepy, so she decides to find out everything she can about it.  She especially wants to know what the mysterious threesome are up to because she has been in love with their leader Dylan for half her life.

Dylan Winchester:  17.  The leader of the infamous It-Squad, Dylan has trouble staying out of fights.  He isn't a big guy, but he packs a powerful punch.  On his own since his parents left town, he is staying in the apartment over the headmaster's garage.  This only adds to his appeal as far as the girls at Baycott are concerned.  He loves to surf and can be found most mornings on the beach in front of Starr's house. 

Lily:  16.  This is Starr's best friend.  She is tall and looks like a model, but this girl is wacky.  She would have to be to help Starr spy on people.  This boy-crazy girl almost always has a sucker in her mouth and talks non-stop.  But if you're her friend she'll only go after your boyfriend if you don't make him happy... or if he's super hot.

Ryder Hawke:  17. This is Dylan's best friend, a member of the Squad.  He speaks with an Australian accent even though he's lived in this country for ten years.  He drinks too much and says things he shouldn't, but he always has Dylan's back... at least until the game begins.

Bex Sherwood:  17.  This is the other member of the Squad.  She is an artist.  Just ask her.  She paints her face with special temporary dyes that she makes in her basement.  She is probably the toughest one in the group and hates Starr, calling her Freak-show all the time.

There, the most important characters in Witch Hunt.  The blog tour will begin here on my blog on April 1rst.  Please join us, blog hop with me, and then pick up a copy of Witch Hunt from Amazon starting April 15th.  And tell your friends.  :)


Shawna said...

I am so confused, i thought it was already available on amazon through kindle.. Are they doing the same thing with the Nook??

K. C. Blake said...

Witch Hunt will be officially released on April 1rst. I have been playing around with it on Amazon, uploading it to make sure it came through okay, but I am not officially releasing it until April 1rst, when the blog tour begins.

It will not be available for Nook until July. That is because I put it on Amazon's lending library thing. That means I'm not allowed to publish with Smashwords, B&N, or anywhere else until three months have passed. Hope that clears up the confusion.