Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beta Reader Alert

What is a Beta Reader?  I was asking this question just last week.  Apparently I used to have one and didn't know it at the time.  We were calling her my 'manuscript critic.'  She didn't know anything about punctuation, spelling, or grammar.  She simply read my manuscript for the story and would talk to me for hours about the plot and the characters.  We met online. 

Do you need a Beta Reader?  I think every writer should have at least one.  Unlike your friends, they won't sugarcoat everything.  They will see the flaws in your book and tell you about them.  Some readers will edit line by line while others read for the story, characters, etc.  Both can be helpful.

Where do you find a Beta Reader?  I have heard a variety of answers on this one.  I think the best place to find one is at a writer's hangout like Absolute Write Water Cooler.  Although, I found my reader on Yahoo Answers. 

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Nancy Beck said...


Hadn't thought about finding a beta on Yahoo Answers. Very interesting. Might have to try that (since I don't hang out at the Watercooler anymore).

Thanks for the tip! :-)

Rita Webb said...

I learned so much from my beta-readers! I never could have made it without them.