Sunday, June 23, 2013

High Praise for BAIT

Bait has been getting some awesome reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and assorted blogs, but the one that means the most to me happened today via Facebook.  My fourteen-year-old niece sent me a message saying she's read it three times and loves it!

Although I appreciate it that women my age seem to enjoy the book, I wrote it for teens.  Since my days teaching little kids to read in a private school it bothers me when I hear a young person say they aren't interested in books.  My niece used to be that way.  Now she devours books just like me.  :)

Did I have something to do with this change in attitude?  I have no idea.  It doesn't matter as long as she keeps it up. 

Sometimes you can't trust your family or close friends to tell the truth about what you write.  They don't want to hurt your feelings.  Maybe that's why I treasure reviews like this from kids, because I know they won't lie to spare my feelings.  When they say they love something, they LOVE it, especially when they contact you to gush over the book without you seeking them out.  I usually try to put a book into someone's hands and walk away.  I never mention it unless they do. 

Anyway, thought I would share that with you.  Seeing a child read and enjoy a book makes me happy.  Seeing them read and love my book puts me over the moon.  :)

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