Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 Summer Promotional Sale at Smashwords

FREE ebooks (some are half off) at Smashwords from July 1rst to July 31rst. 

If you've been wanting to read a certain book in my collection but haven't bought it yet, here is your chance.  Not all of my books are listed in this sale.

Bait is 75% off JULY ONLY.

Vampires Rule is FREE.

Crushed (Witch-Game Book #1) is FREE, July only.

Here is my author's page:

You can go to my author's page and click on any of my books, learn more about them, purchase them with he coupon code that will be listed on the book page. 

Or go to Smashwords home page and check out the catalog of free and discounted books. 

I know I'm going to.

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