Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Countdown to Shifters Rule: 8 Days

Fact #5:  A major player dies in the first half of Shifters Rule.  Who is it?  How will their death impact the fight between Jack and Jersey?

8 Days

Vampires Rule came to me in a dream.
Only the dream didn't belong to me.  A friend living in Boston had the dream, a dream about a girl with a silver bullet necklace.  She wasn't very happy with me when I made the silver bullet in to a silver dagger charm, but I just couldn't
picture a girl wearing a bullet around her neck.  I wasn't the one who had the dream, after all.  While she was dreaming
about this fearless Buffy-type girl, a voice from above said, "Tell Kasi this is the book I want her to write."

Awesome!!!  When she told me about this dream, I ran with it.  We stayed up until past midnight talking about possible
events and characters for the book.  

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