Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Countdown to SHIFTERS RULE: 14 Days

Shifters Rule will be released in fourteen days.  I'm getting excited.  Hope you are too.  I decided to start a countdown.  Every day (as long as my Internet connection works) I will post something about the books.  Maybe a little teaser on Shifters Rule and something from the first two in the series.  If you haven't read them yet, it's not too late.  Vampires Rule is free right now on Smashwords.  Plus, I am doing a Scavenger Hunt on Halloween here at the blog for some lucky people to win free digital copies of both Vampires Rule and Werewolves Rule.

Here is something from Goodreads on Vampires Rule, a glimpse of a scene that someone loved so much they put it up on the site and five others Liked it.
“Stop!” she screamed. “Don’t hurt him.”

“Back off!” Billy shouted.

She yanked harder on Billy’s arm.

“He isn’t a vampire anymore, idiot. Look! Do you see that big, yellow thing up in the sky? That’s called the sun. It’s shining down on him, and he isn’t exploding. His fangs are gone. He’s as human as we are. Case closed.”

Billy stared up at the sky, his jaw slack. “Not possible.”

Jack mumbled, “They don’t call me Jackpot for nothing.”

“What?” Billy blinked at him.

“Private joke.”
Now for something from Shifters Rule.  I will give you a fact each day about the book to whet your appetite.
Fact #1:  Jack and Jersey are finally going to battle each other to the death.  How will it end?
It's war.  At least one major player will be killed.

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