Saturday, October 20, 2012

Countdown to Shifters Rule: 11 Days

It's getting close.  I can practically smell it.  Shifters Rule will be officially available.  Can't wait to see them fly off those virtual shelves.

Fact #3:  The character Ian Carver shares his secrets.  This man is hiding something major, and he has a scary power.  Will he use the power to help Jack win the war, or will he use the power against Jack?

11 Days
After you read Shifters Rule, please share your thoughts in reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, etc.  I enjoy (for the most part) hearing what people think about this series. 
Someone on Goodreads listed several books, saying I must have read them and taken ideas from each of them.  That is funny to me because out of the entire list I hadn't read any of them.  She was right on two of the shows I watch, Supernatural and Buffy. 
Still, it's helpful to hear what people are thinking as they read my books.  It always amazes me, the different opinions.  But when everyone agrees on a certain problem in the book, I listen.  Thank you all.  You are amazing!

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