Friday, October 19, 2012

Countdown to Shifters Rule: 12 Days

About Shifters Rule-  Fact #2:  Cowboy is back!  Several people talked about him in reviews, complaining he wasn't a bigger part of the story.  Well, he's back for Shifters Rule-- and in a surprising new role!

12 Days

About Vampires Rule:  I am often asked who my favorite character is in this series.  Sorry.  That is impossible to answer.  I love Jack for his tough talk and sensitive heart.  I love the villain for his mysterious air and dramatic flare.  I love Billy because he was the kid brother and now he has to play the older brother, look after Jack.  I love Silver for standing up to everyone around her and dealing with a tough situation.  I love Cowboy for his smart-alec attitude and his lazy drawl (okay, I hear it in my head even if you don't.).  I love them all.

Check back tomorrow for more.

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