Friday, September 7, 2012

YA Indie Carnival: All About the Swag

This week at the Carnival we are talking about Swag.  You know you love it.  They give it away at book signings, on blogs, etc.  What is your favorite?  Do you have a story connected with Swag?  Let us know below in the Comments section and check out the other Carnis to see what they have to say.

1.  Bookmarks:  This is a favorite from when I worked at Harlequin.  It's great to get a bookmark when you go to a book signing.  Then you can use it to keep your place in the book you just bought.

2.  Pens:  A lot of people print their info on pens and hand them out.  Although I love to get pens, I do not love the idea of paying to have some made.

3.  Something Connected to the Book:  This is my favorite.  At my last book signing (it was for Crushed) I gave away a slender glass vial with pink dust in it.  If you've read Crushed, you know why.  If you didn't, then here's why.  Because Kristen and her sisters used magical dust to put spells on certain boys at school.  In my case the dust was glitter dust for your face and body.  It was super cute.  I kept one for myself.

So what sort of Swag do you like?

Check to see what the other Carnies like and what they have given away.

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BrynaButler said...

I love the vial with pink dust idea. So cute!

Rita Webb said...

The pink dust was an awesome idea. I've been wanting to design jewelry that reminds me of my character, but I haven't had a chance.