Monday, September 17, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

On Halloween my blog is going to have a Scavenger Hunt.  I will put up a post with rules and specific instructions.  It will go something like this: If you want to win digital copies of Vampires Rule and Werewolves Rule, you need to write down the Halloween word that I put in bold on my Scavenver Hunt post.  It will be something like Black Cat or Witch or Pumpkin.  Then you will need to click on a few blog links.  Visit these blogs and jot down their Halloween word.  After that you just need to send the list to me at my email address (which I will supply at that time) and you will either receive a notice you've won or you won't.  If you win, I will ask if you'd like a coupon code for Smashwords so you can get the books in whatever format you need including mobi for Kindle or something for your Nook or whatever.  OR I can probably send you a mobi or pdf through the email, if I can find them. 

Why am I hosting a Scavenger Hunt?

To celebrate the release of Shifters Rule.  The third book in the Rule series will be released on Halloween, barring any unforseen incident that keeps it from happening. 

So check back on Halloween for your chance to win.

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