Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Scene 1

As promised here is another sneak peek into Witch Hunt.  This is only a partial scene.  I don't want to give too much away.  In this scene Starr Hughes is eavesdropping on two members of the It-Squad.  She is hoping to hear more about this mysterious game they're going to play.

"Freak-show is staring at you again," Bex said, heavy sigh.  "You want me to go over there and make her stop?  It would be my great pleasure to put that girl in her place."

Starr's entire body tensed.  Clenching her fists beneath the table, she forced her eyes to stay on them a moment longer.  If she jerked her gaze off them too fast, they might figure out she could hear them.  Then she'd be dead meat.

She reached for her sunglasses, picked them off the table, and returned them to her face.  She had to be careful not to dislodge the earpiece.  At least now they wouldn't be able to tell if her eyes were on them.

And what was with the weird girl callling her a freak anyway?

Bex didn't have much room to talk.  Her short-short platinum blond hair looked like someone had gone at it with a machete and she treated her face like a canvas, painting it with special dyes she made in her basement.  Today she sported a swirled pattern with emerald glitter accents.  It actually looked kind of cool, but Starr wouldn't admit that if they tortured her.  She would die before she gave that snotty girl a compliment.

Bex added, "I could blind her for a few hours."

Starr tried hard not to breathe or move or do anything that would cause static in the earpiece.  She eagerly awaited Dylan's response.  Although she assured herself she didn't care what Dylan thought, she knew it wasn't true.  She cared too much.

In a laid-back husky voice he said, "I think it's kind of cool the way she looks at me."

End of Teaser Tuesday.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Come back next week for another teaser.

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