Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Writing Blog Has Moved

If you are interested in reading about writing (not about supernatural stuff), you can find my writing blog here:

Kasi Writes

I also have one at Wordpress under Writing with Kasi.

But, if you love Supernatural (not just the show, but supernatural type books, shows, movies, etc. then stick around.)
This pic has absolutely nothing to do with my writing blogs. Just thought I'd add a bit of eye candy. Any complaints?


April Watts-Campbell said...

not a one here love me some eye candy !! esp these two ! I think they got even better looking with age ! looking forward to season 11!!!! OH Crap the dog i asked my kids NOT to get, we already have two. just took a dump beside my computer UGH got to get this up !! SMH

Kasi Blake said...

They do get better every year. :)