Sunday, August 23, 2015

Will Supernatural Kill Off All Our Favorites?

Okay, well, we all know that if a character dies on this show, they can come back at any time, but most of them don't. At least not very often. They've killed practically every single character I cared about and ripped my heart out numerous times. 

Who's left?

Let's take a tally. How many of my favorites are gone now?

See, there's Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Ruby, Death, Bella, Tessa, Jessica, John and Mary Winchester, Rufus, Benny (in Purgatory but technically dead), Samuel (okay, I didn't love him, but still), the three hunters that worked with him and Sam, and so many others that I can't even name them all.

Who haven't they killed... yet?

Um, let me see. There's... Garth.

Of course, he's a werewolf now so his days are probably numbered.

Who am I missing?

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