Monday, September 29, 2014


Get your scorecards ready.

The Walking Dead returns in October for the fifth season, and we all have one question on our minds.  Who will live to see season six?

1.  Rick: After his wife died, he went crazy for a while.  The man actually thought he could put down his weapons and farm for a while.  Sorry, Rick.  There are zombies everywhere, and they want to eat you.  He finally came to his senses, and at the end of last season we got to see some of that fire back in his eyes as he stated, "They are (bleep)ing with the wrong people."  That's right.  You go, Rick!  Problem is Rick's decision making skills are not one hundred percent reliable.  Most of the time I think the group would be better off to do the opposite of what he says.

Rick's odds of living?  GOOD.  I think Rick will outlive everyone else because the form more or less revolves around him.  I've heard the producers are toying with the idea of killing him off, but I don't see it happening soon.

2.  Daryl:  He started off as a total jerk, but when you put that badass mechanical bow with a motorcycle and a knowing sneer, who can resist?  Daryl has risen to the top of the heap.  He's got fans out there who would riot if he died.  Personally, I would love to see Daryl and Carol hook up.  They are so cute when they tease each other.

Daryl's odd of living: EXCELLENT.

3. Beth:  This girl has come out of nowhere, going from background dressing to an up and comer.  She and Daryl spent a while together, and they got kind of close.  Then she disappeared.  A lot of people are saying she was eaten, but I don't think so.  The producers have plans for this girl.

Beth's odds of living:  GOOD

4.  Carol:  This woman is fast becoming a badass in her own right.  No longer a human punching bag, we've seen her make hard decisions and kill humans in order to save others.  She is one of my favorites.

Carol's odds of living:  EXCELLENT.  Got to keep her, at least for now.  She and Daryl have some unfinished business.

5.  Carl:  Rick's son drives me nuts.  From the very beginning I have been begging zombies to take a bite out of him, but he is lucky.  Way too lucky.  Maybe it will run out someday.

Carl's odds of living: FAIR.  He's a toss up.  The kid is so dumb that he eventually has to die.  Come on zombies.

6.  Glenn:  Speaking of luck.  He sure has had his fair share of it.  After being separated from his wife and trapped at the prison, he managed to make it out and find new friends.

Glenn's odds of living?  FAIR.  People like him, but I think he's going to get it one of these days.

7.  Maggie:  Glenn's wife has taken quite a few chances in order to find him again.  The lovebirds were reunited, but I think one of them is going to get it soon.  Just a hunch.

Maggie's odds of living?  FAIR

8.  Michone:  This girl is badass and I love watching her in action.  She walks among zombies, using tricks that no one else has incorporated.  Come on, people.  Watch how it's done.

Michone's odds of living:  EXCELLENT.  She is so skilled, she can kill these things in her sleep.

9.  Scientist, GI Joe and his girl, those traveling with Maggie:  I can't remember their names, but all of these people are hanging on a thread.  Any or all of them could die at any given time.  Not to worry.  The show adds new people all the time.

Odds of survival:  NOT GOOD

*EXTRA:  Who do I want to see added to the show?

1. Sam and Dean Winchester would love this place.
2.  The Winter Soldier from Captain America.  He's a badass and would take out half the zombie population in a week.
3.  Also, I would love to see someone get bitten and not turn.  Then we'd know their blood is the cure.  LOL

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