Friday, October 3, 2014

Want to join?


Do you know what a street team is?

The music industry has been using street teams for years.  Members are mega fans who enjoy promoting the music.  They call radio stations and request the songs, hand out fliers, pin up posters, etc.  Now authors are using them to help promote online, Tweet about books, post about them on blogs, etc.  

What do you get in return?

Members are the first to hear news on upcoming books.  They get to meet and make friends with others who enjoy the same books.  Also, they sometimes get free print copies of books, swag such as bookmarks, a closer relationship with the author, and they know their opinions are heard.  In fact, sometimes when I am having trouble naming a character or deciding what to do about a certain character, I will ask the members what they think.

However, I'm not sure about doing this yet.  Do I have MEGA fans yet who love to discuss my books with others?  Right now I'm just testing the waters.  If enough people aren't interested, I'll wait for another year or two.

If you think it sounds like an awesome opportunity and you would like to join my street team, let me know.  Maybe will do it.  

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