Thursday, September 11, 2014

7-11 Blog Hop

I have joined a new group.  Each month on the 11th I will post seven lines from one of my books and give you the links so you can check out at least seven other authors.  Here we go.  This is from my work-in-progress Wizards Rule, the first seven lines in the manuscript.

Blood seeped through the cracks between Jack's fingers as he grasped his upper arm through torn denim.  Burning pain tried to distract him from the immediate problem.  Sitting on the floor behind the bar in a local tavern, he was wedged between Cowboy and Isobel with no perceivable way out of this mess.  He stared at the shelves of alcohol directly in front of him and wondered if perhaps it was blame for their slow reaction time.  Although vampires couldn't drink straight from the bottle, they could get intoxicated second-hand by sampling the blood of a drunk person, and that's what they were doing when a hunter started shooting up the place.  Dead vampires were scattered around the room like discarded toys in a giant child's bedroom, killed by silver bullets.

"Let's go to the Vampire Festival," Jack said in a mocking voice.  "It will be fun, and hunters don't go there because of the freezing temps."

So there it is, the beginning of Wizards Rule.

Here are other participating bloggers:  Keep in mind that not all are YA. 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Read this series first, then moved onto the Order of the Spirit Realm series. Loved, loved, LOVED Spirit Realm! Can't wait for both series to continue.
I keep checking for release dates and sneak peaks.
Purchased books on Barns and Noble.

K. C. Blake said...

Thank you. Glad you are enjoying them. I am halfway through Wizards Rule. Then I will try to finish up the Order series.

shani brown said...

Is this the fourth book in the rules series? I just purchased shifters rule and will be finished by tomorrow so I am anxious to have the next

Kasi Blake said...

This the fourth book, Wizards Rule, yes, but I'm not exactly sure when it will be out. I am working on the ending. Then it needs to be edited. I would think it's going to be out in December. Glad you are enjoying them. :)