Friday, June 6, 2014

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Couples I Want to See Married
This week we are posting about couples from books and/or movies that we would love to see married, because June is the month for weddings.  Do you have a top ten you'd like to see tie the knot?  Top five?

Here are mine:

1.  Jace and Clary (The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare):  The last book in the series, City of Heavenly Fire was just released, and I already finished it.  What a wild ride it has been.  I am going to miss Jace.  I would have loved to see a wedding happen, but they were still too young when the series ended.  Pity.

2.  Isabelle and Simon (also from the Mortal Instrument series).  I know that's cheating, but my mind is a total blank.  I can't think book titles right now, much less couples I want to see married.  I think these two would have an interesting wedding.  Maybe the bride would even bring her whip to the ceremony.

3. Sam and Grace from Shiver.  I did not read the rest of the books, just the first, but I love how he turns into a wolf and she waits for him.

4.  Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing.  Thought I'd throw in a movie here.  This is one of my favorite romantic movies.  They were so in love, yet they supposedly went their separate ways at the end.  There was a talk about a second movie that just never came to be.  It was going to take place ten years later and show Baby living a successful life and then running into Johnny again.  That is so wrong.  I hate that they even talked about making a second movie.  They should have left it alone and let us think they were together and happy.

5.  Stephan and Elena from Vampire Diaries.  I'm talking about the books here, not the show.  If we are talking about the show, then I would put Elena with Damon, but in the books I preferred Stephan.  And Elena was blonde.

And that is it.  That is my list.  Who did I miss?  Who are your fav characters you would love to see walk down the aisle together?

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Bryna Butler said...

Great list. Liked that you mentioned Vampire Diaries. I didn't start reading the books until after I fell in love with the show. Totally ruined it for me, I couldn't push myself through the differences. Gave up before I got through the first book.