Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remake of Stephen King's CARRIE

The promo promises You will Know Her Name.

Have you seen the remake of Stephen King's first book yet?  I hate giving away my age, but I saw the original movie when I was a teenager living in California.  Then I read the book.  It was one of my favorite horror films, so I was a bit disturbed when I heard they were remaking it.  I expected a lot of gore with little substance, and I didn't see how it could be improved on.

Boy, was I wrong.  This movie sticks close to the original, only veering off here and there to make it better.  They updated it.  Instead of just bullying Carrie at school, the mean girl takes it up a level by online bullying her.  She records Carrie in the girl's locker room at school and then uploads it for everyone to see.  Vicious.  Yeah.

Although I loved the original portrayal of Carrie, the new cast of actors was amazing.  Hey, at least they look like they should be in high school.  Some of the students in the first movie looked like they should be teaching.

Of course, the new movie amped up the gore a bit, but it was awesome.  Mean girl doesn't get to die fast and easy.  It takes a while.  That B* suffers, and maybe she even has time to reflect on what she did and why she's going to die.

The only thing I really missed in this one was the hand coming up to grab Sue at the end.  Can't believe they didn't include it.  As a teen, that was my favorite part.  I didn't watch the screen though.  I watched the audience jump a mile out of their chairs and smiled as the popcorn flew through the air.  But you don't get that experience in the remake.  Perhaps they thought it was too predictable.

Anyway, loved the remake (and you won't hear me say that very often).

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