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Graduation Stories:
This week we are talking about stories with graduation scenes.  One of my vampire books Werewolves Rule happens to have a graduation scene, so I am posting part of it here.  If you haven't tried my vampire series yet, what's keeping you from it?  Vampires Rule is free.  That means you can't lose.  And if you discover you love Jack, Silver, Jersey, and Billy as much as I do, you have a few more books to read in the series.  Awesome!!!

Here is the excerpt:

Unfortunately, the school put them in alphabetical order so he couldn't sit next to Silver.  He was in the front row, and she was somewhere near the back.  When 'acting' Principal Ian Carver called his name, Jack reluctantly stood. His eyes swept the crowd, and he realized with a start that he was searching for his family. The dreams of graduating, of how things should be, had brainwashed him.  His mom would have been crying.  Perhaps his father's eyes would have misted over, too.

Jack moved forward on legs that felt like rubber to accept the long-awaited piece of paper.  His hand reached out even as a familiar face stole his attention.  Billy.  Jack tripped over his own feet as he walked across the stage.  A few people chuckled in the background, and Ian raised a curious eyebrow. Worried that the hunters in the room would see his brother and go after him, Jack kept moving.  He took the diploma and shook Ian's large hand before continuing on to the other side of the stage as if nothing important was on his mind.

Jack risked another quick look at the back of the auditorium.  Billy stood near the exit.  He nodded once at Jack before using the door.  That was it.  He walked out, and Jack experienced a claustrophobic rush of panic.  Was Billy going to wait outside for him?  Was he ready to come home?  Did he need to talk to Jack about the changes warping his mind and body?  Or was he going to disappear again?

Forgetting about wanting to see Silver graduate, Jack ducked out the side door and raced around the building as fast as he could without using vampire-speed.  His heart pounded so loud he could hear it.  Arms and legs pumping, he ran until he made it to the parking lot.  Quickly, he scanned the area.  No sign of his brother.  He was too late.

Billy had vanished into the dark of night.  Out of breath, Jack bent over, hands on his knees as he struggled to regulate his breathing.  Heavy emotions clogged his throat.  

"Looking for me?" Billy asked over his shoulder.

Jack jumped and whipped around, uncertain if his brother was there to finish him off or just talk. Billy looked good... for a werewolf.  He hadn't shaved in at least three days, and there were purple half-moons beneath his eyes, but he was alive.  That's what mattered most.  Relief flooded Jack's system.

"You came," he said in a dumb statement-of-the-obvious.

"Yeah.  I was in the neighborhood."

"Are you ready to come home?"

Billy's mood darkened.  "Can't."

"What are you talking about?  There isn't a full moon anymore.  You're fine now, right?  We can find Jersey and kill him before you morph again."

"You don't get it."  Billy shoved his hands into his jean pockets.  He shifted from foot to foot, filled with untamed energy.  "That moon doesn't matter.  I can't be near you.  Even now I'm thinking of ripping your throat out."

Werewolves Rule
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