Monday, February 24, 2014

This Friday the Villains Take Over

Hey!  Come join us for Fun Friday this week and read posts by our villains.  That's right.  The bad guys are going to take over.  What will they have to say?  No clue.  You will have to stop by to find out.

Who is going to post for me this Friday?  Will it be Jersey Clifford from the Rule Series?  One reviewer described him as gentleman who will quote poetry as he is ripping your face off.  Or will it be Maxx from Order of the Spirit Realm?  This power hungry shifter probably has a lot to say.  What about Morgan from Crushed?  As a witch's familiar, she is a rare creature, as clever as she is dangerous.

Check in on Friday to find out.
Then check with the other YA Storyteller Society members to read what their villains have to say.


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