Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Write a Love Triangle

This week's topic at the Carnival is all about Love Triangles.  I haven't written one of these yet, so I'm going to have to bow to other people with experience.  The most famous triangle I can think of at the moment is in Twilight.  Meyer got rid of the main love interest (Edward) for a while in book 2 and put Bella with Jacob.  I guess it worked because it started the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob debate.  Personally, I don't like love triangles.  If your main character has to wonder if they should pick this guy or that guy, they obviously don't love either one.  Maybe they should find a third choice.

To make a love triangle really interesting I think both choices (male or female) need to be equally good.  If one is a complete ass, why bother?  The main character should see through it and grab onto the good one with both hands.  While writing for Harlequin I didn't have these problems, because Harlequin wants there to be a clear choice from the beginning.

My current WIP, the one I am writing for NaNo, Bait, is going to eventually have a love triangle, sort of, but not until the second or third book.  First I want to have two awesome main characters, drawn to each other even though their love is forbidden.  Then later, after things have come between them, I can add a potential mate for her.  There is actually another guy in Bait, a potential, but she doesn't have feelings for him.  He isn't even on her radar.

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